Saturday, January 24, 2009

LOOK at what I got!!!!

First of all........
Do I EVER feel SPOILED!!! :)
Peggy dropped this GORGEOUS bag off to me this evening!!!

If you remember I'd won it in Peggy's Comment Contest a while back but it wasn't quite finished....
It was SO WORTH the wait!!!!!!
I CAN'T WAIT to start using it now!!!!!
I ran into Peggy early today at their store here in town, I was buying some ingredients I needed for dinner.
I only wish I'd gotten a picture of Peggy at the door handing it to me now. LOL

Isn't it beautiful??!?!
You should only just see it IN PERSON!!
And the INSIDE!!!!
You MUST go to Peggys blog at Colour de Jour.
She has WAY better pictures posted. You have to scroll down a bit but they're there. I PROMISE!! :)
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Peggy!!
I LOVE it!!!!