Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Nail Polish, clothes, hair do's and makeup.
That's what girls are all about.
Dirt, football, videogames and girls.
That is what guys are living for.
Like summer is to winter,
girls are to guys.
Opposites, like black and white.

Our daughter wrote this poem for school and it was selected to be published in the fall 2007 hardbound anathology A Celebration of Young Poets. Who knows WHO will EVER see it or know that it even exists but we do. :) We figure we'll purchase one of the books and put it away for her. One day her kids may think it's pretty cool right??
She's also still in the final competition and may even win an award for the poem. She just did it for a class assignment.
Enjoy the rest of your day!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine's for our Soldiers

I think I mentioned in an earlier post how Beate's husband is in Quatar and how she'd thought about mailing Valentine's for her husband to share with other soldiers to send back home to their wives. Isn't that such a sweet idea??
Well, here are a few I made up yesterday. They're in an envelope all ready to go out and I'll mail them out to Beate today.

I'm going to try to get a few more made up today and drop them off in the mail tomorrow.
If you get a chance, stop by Beate's blog by clicking here to find out more about sending Valentine's Day Cards.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I'm in the 'pre-process' of moving my stamp-soon to be- 'studio'. Right now I have all my 'stuff' in a spare bedroom. I've been talking about moving it upstairs to what we call 'the computer room'-because the desktop is up there......We'd had some cabinets and countertop put in a few years ago. It was SUPPOSED to be MY study area while I was in school. Actually when we decided to start up there everyone had their own 'station'-that was the whole 'perfect world' thinking. Nikki has used her area but now that she's learned that she CAN use her laptop in her bedroom and still get online she really doesn't go up there much. Sammo never really USED his area-just MY area and the desk top. Joe uses MY area for bills and playing around on the computer.
Well, I've decided to take my area back so I'm moving out of the room I'm currently in and back up to what will, once I'm all moved in, be my 'studio'. Studio, it just sounds good doesn't it??
Right now there is carpet up there. The plan is to pull out the carpet and either put down wood flooring or bamboo. Does anyone have any input on bamboo?? We have wood flooring in other rooms in the house which I am totally happy with but I've heard good things about the bamboo so if you have any suggestions/input PLEASE leave a comment. Once we decide on a flooring and get it in, Joe will install it, I can start moving my stuff up.


A dear friend of mine has a flower shop. She also sells antiques and I ran across this old dentist's cabinet the other day and just KNEW I HAD to have it. Check it out:


I just think it's super cool looking. Right now it's in the garage and as soon as I can I'm going to clean it up and get it ready. I'm trying to decide what to do though............

Do I:

a. just clean it up and leave it looking aged

b. clean it up and re-paint it

c. clean it up and re-paint it to LOOK aged

Look at some of the drawers:

I'm thinking I can either put 'specialty' markers or pens in these slots OR I can take the little insert out....I'll just have to see what works best for me there......
embellishments here.............
I'm not quite sure what I'd put in this drawer yet (above) though I'm SURE I'll figure SOMETHING out!! :)
... I'm HOPING my punches will fit in THIS drawer!!
This is just another shot from the side. I just LOVE the glass knobs. It's missing a few so I'm hoping I can either find some somewhere or maybe even just leave them...we'll see.......
I'm SO into the whole antique thing right now....I just LOVE old stuff.
A few summers ago when we went back to Connecticut I brought home a BUNCH of stuff that used to be my grandparents... like an OLD Victrolla that I'm also plannng on cleaning up. My idea is to take out the turn table part and use it for storage then the slots that are meant for records I plan on using for paper storage. I'm kind of also waiting for the weather to warm up a bit too. I'm not a huge cold weather fan so I think I'll be more motivated once the weather is warmer and I can work outside without freezing!
Any and all comments are welcome so feel free to leave one or two. I'm always open to ideas!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Alright so work with me here huh?? :)
I got home from work about 7:30 am or so....about two and a half hours ago. After relaxing for a bit I decided I was going to try and come up with something for Beates WSC23 .

I really want to get as many cards as I can out to Beate by Monday. She will be sending a box of Valentine's Day cards to her husband, who is deployed to Quatar for a year, for him to share with the other soldiers so they can send them home to loved ones for Valentine's Day. What a SWEET idea huh??

Anyways, here it is:

I used:
Stamps: Because I Love You (CTMH CC1259)
Adorable (CMTH D1183)
Papers: Cranberry, Black and White cardstock (all CTMH) and CTMH Cranberry patterned paper.
Ink: Versamark Water Mark Pad
Embossing Powder: Black (CTMH)
Ribbon: Black Gingham (CTMH)
Misc: K&Co adhesive pearls, 'Love' charm (Walmart), black brads
Hopefully I'll be able to 'whip out' some cards tomorrow morning once I get home--I work again tonight.
If you're interested in making up some cards for Beate to send along, visit her blog, email her and ask her for her mailing address.
Alright, I'm going to bed now.
I'll hope to be back tomorrow!!
Until then........

LOOKEY what I got!!!!

Ya'll, my Secret Sister ROCKS!!!!
This is what I got in the mail yesterday. I just LOVE those kitchen towels. How stinkin' cute are THEY?! There's some VDay candies in a reusable divided container :) , fortune chocolates, a little spinner heart with gumballs.....Sammo has laid claim on those gumballs and spinner. It IS cool!!! A couple of Making Memories Red Leather frames (sorry, you can't see them in this pic) and the CUTEST card.
Thank You Secret Sis whoever you are!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I was 'blogsurfing' this morning..........
I woke up pretty early this morning and after lying in bed for almost an hour I decided I really WASN'T going to get back to sleep after all and decided to JUST GET UP!
I came across this YouTube video on one of the newer blogs I've started visiting and WOW!! I really HOPE you take a few minutes to click on the link and watch the video--in its entirety.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge #31

Here we are at Friday again and here is my Weekend Sketch for this week:

Stamps: Happy Heart Day Set (SU!)
Inks: Cameo Coral, Ruby Red, Old Olive, SOft Sky, Blue Bayou (SU!)
Grey Flannel, Grey Wool, Sweet Leaf, True Black-Archival Ink (CTMH)
Papers: Ginger Blossom, Ruby Red, Cameo Coral, Old Olive, Very Vanilla (SU!)
Sweet Leaf (CTMH)
Ribbon: Ivory Organdy (CTMH)
Misc: Fruit Punch Stickles (Ranger), Pink Bubblegum Waxy Flax (scrap works)

There's stickles on ALL of the hearts. You can't tell so well in the photo and I painted her 'nails' pink. I guess at the time I figured she was a girl. Don't know that I'd do it again but.......

I LOVE this paper and I am just HOOKED on this stamp set too!! This is the THIRD card I've made with this elephant! ;)

You can click here to see the sketch challenge for yourself. Beate also has links to others who've participated in this challenge as well.
Have FUN!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Celebrate Everything

We've been invited to a birthday party for a friends, just turned, 8 year old on Sunday. I figured since I was home today I might as well work on her card. I worked on it a bit this morning and nothing was working the way I wanted it to. I just got these FLOWERS die cuts for my cuttlebug and I REALLY wanted to use them. I SO didn't think I'd EVER use die cuts in my cuttlebug, I bought it solely, or so I'd thought anyways, for embossing. However, I thought I would/could get some good use out of these flowers. Although I'm not CRAZY about this card it's alright and I'm sure she'll like it just fine--well, as much as ANY 8 year old 'dig's' a card anyways. :)

Yet more $dollar store$ paper and CTMH cardstock. Celebrate Everything stamp set (SU!), misc ribbon, gem brads--thinking making memories and of COURSE stickles!!

Imagine, I'm AHEAD of the game for Sunday. This like NEVER happens!! Now, all I have to do is pick up a gift!

I have a favor to ask of you all........
my dad had double knee replacements yesterday. He did GREAT through surgery and is doing pretty well today, well, aside from being a little lonely and having a little bit of a fever. Would you mind keeping him in your prayers for me? I'd sure appreciate it. The plan is for him to stay in the hospital until Friday and then he'll be moved to 'the hotel' where they do rehab and he'll be there for 10 days or so. The Dr. saw him this morning and said his knees were horrible. There was NO cartilidge and he was wearing on his bones. Good thing he had the surgery no doubt, but the Dr. says his recovery will be quite painful. Thanks in advance for any and ALL prayers!! :)
Enjoy the rest of your Wed. I get to go get my hair cut. I had to cancel for next week and she called today and is able to fit me in. YIPPEE!! I'm STOKED since usually you TRUELY have to make your appointment weeks in advance!! So, I'm off!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Time Well Spent

This is a quick card I made up with the FREE Hostess set Demonstrators got from SU! Paper is $Dollar Store$ paper. I love the bright colors!! They're just 'cheery'! :)
I'm playing with the idea of putting SOMETHING in the upper left corner....I dunno. Sometimes less is more but isn't!! :) Maybe I'll add some ribbon??

I used Liquid glass on "FRIENDS". I've had to cut down my tip- so it's not as 'in the lines' as it COULD be but it'll do.
I applied crystal stickles to the flowers


I SO cased this card off Beate like WAY back in Sept. or something. I had everything cut and ready to assemble but never did get around to putting it together....until yesterday.finish it up. There is crystal stickles along the off white middle matte and the bamboo bottom matte and also along the 'thanks'. It's more sparkly in person. I REALLY DO love this card.
The stamp set is Alfresco (CTMH), paper is Simple Pleasures (CTMH also). Thanks stamp-SU!
Hope to see you again soon!!

Happy Heart Day numero dos..

...I just LOVE this paper!!
I added stickles to the hearts on the card from the earlier post too. Just a little extra added touch but not too much if ya know what I mean.... :)
I dunno if I can do another card....I'm fadin' fast!!
Now to find some envelopes to fit these 5.25x5.25 cards. UGH! If anyone knows where I can find 'em, leave a comment and let me know would ya??

Happy Heart Day!

I came home from work this morning, got the kids on the bus and off to school and decided before I was going to 'nap' I was going to 'play' for a bit. After perusing a few blogs, and casing a few cards, I got to work!! :)

For this card I used the NEW! Ginger Blossom papers and the Happy Heart Day stamp set (both from SU! of course). SO TOTALLY LOVE 'em BOTH!!!
Taking a closer look at this card now, I see a few things I would add and/or change-an 'oops' or two. There are 2-hmmm, actually 3 things in particular that I would FOR sure change. ONE I can...the others, though it COULD be changed it's not a big enough deal for me to take things apart. Can you figure out what they might be?
Alright, I'm off to work on card #2 for the day, unless of course I fall asleep first!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge #30

I've decided to start participating in Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge's. I've 'challenged' a few friends, Katrina and Aura to play along. I don't know if they will or not this is MY sketch challenge for this week.
I've gotta tell ya, I wasn't crazy about it at first but it's kind of growing on me. Pattern Paper and the green (Old Olive) are SU! as are stamps (Baroque Motifs & True Friend). The purple cardstock (Pansy Purple), beige (Bamboo) and organdy ribbon (ivory) are CTMH.
If you're interested in participating in Beate's Weekend Challenges, check out her blog by clicking here.


NOT only did I receive the package yesterday (see earlier post) BUT TODAY in the mail came a 56oz-XXL bag of one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE candies......PEANUT M&M's!!!!
Nikki just saw the bag and commented....I told her they came in the mail today from my SS--she asked if 'she' (my SS) knew I had an obsession with them (peanut m&m's). Heeheehee! Looks like she does!!!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You again SS!!!!!

My Secret Sister ROCKS!

I'm a part of a Secret Sister Group in one of the groups I belong to. For anyone who doesn't know, the idea is to send a little something every month-it doesn't have to be anything BIG just something to let your Secret Sister know you're thinking about her. Well, I received the COOLEST package in the mail yesterday. MY SECRET SISTER ROCKS!!

LOOK at what she sent me:

There is an 'Idea' pad-PERFECT for me! I'm ALWAYS looking for something to jot down ideas or sketches from other blogs or sites. I keep telling myself I need a notebook JUST for ideas yet only think of it WHEN I need it!!
Then there's the 'To Order' pad. Again, PERFECT!!! I don't know about YOU, but I'm ALWAYS trying to remember what it was I wanted from where...NOW I'm going to make an effort to keep it ALL in my 'To Order' pad. Next in this picture is the altered pocket calendar-it's the one that says 'Remember' on it. HOW TOTALLY beautiful are these!! I love the ideas, I love the colors, love the papers!!!
You may have thought that was all but unh-unhh--- NO KIDDING!! Look what else was in there:

This is the front. It is a tri-fold coin holder, altered! I'd bought some of these a while back and still haven't done anything with them well, my SS has certainly inspired me to get BUSY. This is ADORABLE! I LOVE it! And what a perfect gift, for anyone really, but I was thinking of making one up and sending to my mom with both sets of grandkids inside.

This photo shows it open:

Here is a closer photo of just the far left side.
I LOVE the stamp set she used. It's (D1197) My One and Only from CTMH.

And here is the close up photo of the far right side.
I didn't do the middle because I think you can get a good enough idea from the photo above.
Just in case she visits my blog.....Thank You, again and again to my Secret Sister!! :)
Yesterday was a pretty good day (aside from being a little grouchy from being SO stinkin' tired!!) Not only did I get this wonderful package from my SS but I ALSO got some MORE SU! stamps (and rub-ons) in the mail. I haven't played with them yet, only assembled them. Nice thing was they are the pre-cut ones. It was nice enough getting them in the mail. It was just an added treat to not have to cut them apart!! I love SU! stamps but I HATE cutting them apart to assemble them. So when they come precut-(I think the stamps from the mini catalogs (correct me if I'm wrong) all come precut so all you have to do is adhere them to the wood block) it's even nicer!!!
I started 'playing' with my Happy Heart Day set-water painting and stuff but nothing finished yet. I'll be sure to post when something is done!
Have a splentabulous day!! I'm going to get a few things done around here and then hope to take a good nap today. I work the next few days so I don't forsee any stamping in my next 3 day future.
Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do you remember.....

...when I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had to work last night? Yeah, well........
I TRIED to take a nap yesterday. I layed in bed for an hour and just COULDN'T fall asleep for anything. I was in Sammo's room (THE MOST COMFORTABLE bed in the house in MY opinion! Our bed is like sleeping on a BIG cloud which is nice, I guess, if you're used to sleeping on clouds. I need at least a LITTLE firmness or something---)anyways, this is NOT about the beds---the blinds were pulled shut, it was NICE and dark, I had earplugs in the whole 9 yards...STILL couldn't fall asleep. Not even close. Alright then, so I decide to get up because if I'm going to LAY in bed and THINK about what I could/should/want to be doing I may as well right?? So, I'd been up since 7:30 in the morning, took a one hour nap, went to work. I did my 12 hours, came home, got the kids together and on the bus and off to school and got on the computer. Being on the computer in the morning, especially after work almost always puts me to sleep within an hours time. So I start fading.......I put some sweats and sweatshirt on and head back up to Sammo's room. On my way this is what I see:
As badly as I was being called to that bed, I just KNEW I had to take some pictures of this. This picture is looking North East, from our back deck, up the Okanogan River. Oh, it just looks so pretty to me.
This picture is pretty much taken from the same spot, just not as much zoom I think. Our house is up off the river so this just shows some of the bank and North/side yard. Of course there is Jazs' run lead right smack dab at the bottom of the picture. UGH! I guess it COULD be cropped out!!
Of course once I started taking who could STOP?! LOL
This picture looks South East from the back deck. It's not quite as pretty, in the winter, to me, as the other view but..... then I took a picture of this super big icicle hanging off the roof, next level up. It looks like actually 2 icicles joined to make one. Just cool is all. The kids will probably 'dig it'.
SO-I'm SUPER tired NOW so I'm really heading off to bed for a few hours now. Joe is working a day shift with the horse patrol today so he won't be home, the kids are at school and Chris, a friend who's staying with us until his house is finished being built--looks like he'll be moving in next week though-- worked last night too so he's downstairs in his 'room'(-our family room, temporarily turned into his room) sleeping too. SO, the house SHOULD be quiet for a little while anyways.
SO--Here's to a few hours of GOOD rest!! Enjoy the rest of your day!! Oh! And I checked out the UPS website....looks like my next SU! order should be here TODAY!! YIPPEE!!! Of course UPS doesn't make it here until between 5:30 and 6:30PM usually so I don't know what I'll get go play with before I head BACK to work tomorrow night! UGH!! This whole working thing..........SO overrated!! :) Until next time, Have a happy one!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I got two of my SU! orders yesterday!! Yippee!! The other order SHOULD be here, if not by weeks end, early next week (which wouldn't be SO bad seeing as how I'm off Mon/Tues/Wed next week). I was able to assemble my NEW stamps last night after dinner and look at some of the new papers!! HOW TOTALLY FUN is that?! The papers are BEAUTIFUL!!! Only thing is, tonight I go back to work! :( I don't know that I'll get a chance to squeeze in any creativity today or not. I LIKE to nap and get some good rest, especially first night back, plus I have a BUNCH of things I'd still like to get done....laundry, cleaning, some But I'd LOVE to play with some of my new toys. ;)
We'll see what happens....
Until next time....................
..........happy stamping and creating!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bday Card for Daniel

Joe's godson, Daniel, has a birthday coming up this month so I made up a card in hopes we could his gift card out in the mail before his Bday gets here, and or passes.
I SO lifted the idea from the SU! Holiday Mini (p.10). I just wanted something QUICK and EASY. He's going to be 14 (bet you'd have NEVER guessed that!) and I'm SURE he'll be MUCH more interested in the gift card than the card.
That's all for now. I've been busy going through stuff, last night and earlier today. WHY is it that it's only when I'm getting ready to GO BACK to work that I actually become motivated to do something??
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Looking for a good book????

Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult.
I just finished it tonight--it's where I've been since after dinner--I finished the other half of the book! It's a good one!

After I completed the book I came up to work on this blasted card. I'd been working on it this afternoon and before dinner. I've had the girl all colored in for MONTHS now, just didn't know how I was going to make her into a card....well, after several failed attempts this is the final attempt:
The blue is not quite SO bright in 'real life'. I'm not SURE about the 'You Are' and the white organdy ribbon is not really so visable but.....for tonight that's what it is.
I put stickles on the brads-just for a little 'bling'. It was just fun.
No REAL reason really for the close up. Just playing..
Leave a comment...let me know what you think!!
I like the colors but was having a hard time (if you can IMAGINE with ALL the OODLES of paper I have) to figure something to use with it. Suggestions??
G'night and Sweet Dreams. Perhaps I'll see you tomorrow???

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mikayla's card

Here I'd posted about sending a card to Mikayla (see earlier post) and I had yet to make up our card for her!! It was on my list!! Idea's were rolling around in my head....

I KNEW I wanted to use pink. ALL...well, MOST little girls LOVE pink and purple right?? And I saw from the website she likes I figured pink was 'safe'. I also knew I wanted to use this set. It's an older CTMH set. I don't remember the name of it...there's no name on the box.
It's not the BEST photo-the main image looks like it's a little blurry to me--but it will do for now. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I just hope Mikayla likes it! :)
The card base is part of a gift pack I received. They're homemade paper cards....SO pretty and PINK!!
Come Monday morning it'll be off in en route to Mikayla!!
I hope you're all working on a special card for her too!! :)
Until next time,

Espress Yourself

Here is a card using Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge:

As you can see there's not much stamping.

I'm TRYING to get into a creating 'groove' today. Here's hoping I'll come up with something else I'm a little more crazy about. I actually made up another card but it's going to my SS (secret sister) so I don't want to post and possibly spoil the fun--just in case she visits my blog--.

I'm HOPING Samuel will keep himself occupied for a little while anyways....Joe and I just played 'FARKEL' with him-a cool little dice game he found in his stocking Christmas morning. It really is a fun little game. Hopefully I'll be back sometime today with a few more 'creations'.

Until then- Have a Happy Saturday!