Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do you remember.....

...when I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had to work last night? Yeah, well........
I TRIED to take a nap yesterday. I layed in bed for an hour and just COULDN'T fall asleep for anything. I was in Sammo's room (THE MOST COMFORTABLE bed in the house in MY opinion! Our bed is like sleeping on a BIG cloud which is nice, I guess, if you're used to sleeping on clouds. I need at least a LITTLE firmness or something---)anyways, this is NOT about the beds---the blinds were pulled shut, it was NICE and dark, I had earplugs in the whole 9 yards...STILL couldn't fall asleep. Not even close. Alright then, so I decide to get up because if I'm going to LAY in bed and THINK about what I could/should/want to be doing I may as well right?? So, I'd been up since 7:30 in the morning, took a one hour nap, went to work. I did my 12 hours, came home, got the kids together and on the bus and off to school and got on the computer. Being on the computer in the morning, especially after work almost always puts me to sleep within an hours time. So I start fading.......I put some sweats and sweatshirt on and head back up to Sammo's room. On my way this is what I see:
As badly as I was being called to that bed, I just KNEW I had to take some pictures of this. This picture is looking North East, from our back deck, up the Okanogan River. Oh, it just looks so pretty to me.
This picture is pretty much taken from the same spot, just not as much zoom I think. Our house is up off the river so this just shows some of the bank and North/side yard. Of course there is Jazs' run lead right smack dab at the bottom of the picture. UGH! I guess it COULD be cropped out!!
Of course once I started taking who could STOP?! LOL
This picture looks South East from the back deck. It's not quite as pretty, in the winter, to me, as the other view but..... then I took a picture of this super big icicle hanging off the roof, next level up. It looks like actually 2 icicles joined to make one. Just cool is all. The kids will probably 'dig it'.
SO-I'm SUPER tired NOW so I'm really heading off to bed for a few hours now. Joe is working a day shift with the horse patrol today so he won't be home, the kids are at school and Chris, a friend who's staying with us until his house is finished being built--looks like he'll be moving in next week though-- worked last night too so he's downstairs in his 'room'(-our family room, temporarily turned into his room) sleeping too. SO, the house SHOULD be quiet for a little while anyways.
SO--Here's to a few hours of GOOD rest!! Enjoy the rest of your day!! Oh! And I checked out the UPS website....looks like my next SU! order should be here TODAY!! YIPPEE!!! Of course UPS doesn't make it here until between 5:30 and 6:30PM usually so I don't know what I'll get go play with before I head BACK to work tomorrow night! UGH!! This whole working thing..........SO overrated!! :) Until next time, Have a happy one!

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