Sunday, January 27, 2008


I'm in the 'pre-process' of moving my stamp-soon to be- 'studio'. Right now I have all my 'stuff' in a spare bedroom. I've been talking about moving it upstairs to what we call 'the computer room'-because the desktop is up there......We'd had some cabinets and countertop put in a few years ago. It was SUPPOSED to be MY study area while I was in school. Actually when we decided to start up there everyone had their own 'station'-that was the whole 'perfect world' thinking. Nikki has used her area but now that she's learned that she CAN use her laptop in her bedroom and still get online she really doesn't go up there much. Sammo never really USED his area-just MY area and the desk top. Joe uses MY area for bills and playing around on the computer.
Well, I've decided to take my area back so I'm moving out of the room I'm currently in and back up to what will, once I'm all moved in, be my 'studio'. Studio, it just sounds good doesn't it??
Right now there is carpet up there. The plan is to pull out the carpet and either put down wood flooring or bamboo. Does anyone have any input on bamboo?? We have wood flooring in other rooms in the house which I am totally happy with but I've heard good things about the bamboo so if you have any suggestions/input PLEASE leave a comment. Once we decide on a flooring and get it in, Joe will install it, I can start moving my stuff up.


A dear friend of mine has a flower shop. She also sells antiques and I ran across this old dentist's cabinet the other day and just KNEW I HAD to have it. Check it out:


I just think it's super cool looking. Right now it's in the garage and as soon as I can I'm going to clean it up and get it ready. I'm trying to decide what to do though............

Do I:

a. just clean it up and leave it looking aged

b. clean it up and re-paint it

c. clean it up and re-paint it to LOOK aged

Look at some of the drawers:

I'm thinking I can either put 'specialty' markers or pens in these slots OR I can take the little insert out....I'll just have to see what works best for me there......
embellishments here.............
I'm not quite sure what I'd put in this drawer yet (above) though I'm SURE I'll figure SOMETHING out!! :)
... I'm HOPING my punches will fit in THIS drawer!!
This is just another shot from the side. I just LOVE the glass knobs. It's missing a few so I'm hoping I can either find some somewhere or maybe even just leave them...we'll see.......
I'm SO into the whole antique thing right now....I just LOVE old stuff.
A few summers ago when we went back to Connecticut I brought home a BUNCH of stuff that used to be my grandparents... like an OLD Victrolla that I'm also plannng on cleaning up. My idea is to take out the turn table part and use it for storage then the slots that are meant for records I plan on using for paper storage. I'm kind of also waiting for the weather to warm up a bit too. I'm not a huge cold weather fan so I think I'll be more motivated once the weather is warmer and I can work outside without freezing!
Any and all comments are welcome so feel free to leave one or two. I'm always open to ideas!!


Aura said...

Ok I am EXTREMELY jealous!! I want that cabinet. I cant believe all the cool inserts. Definately leave those!! As for me, I would probably clean it and repaint it maybe with a crackle application to give that aged look but still fresh and new! What a find!

Courtney Fowler said...

I am so jealous! What a find! I know you'll find just the right things to go in all of those nooks and crannies.

Sonja said...

I just about gasped when I saw it. I am a huge antique lover too!!! I know that as soon as you get that into your room, everything will fit into place!! LOL. Just so you know, since my DH just cleaned up some furniture for us (turned old brown bedroom furniture into a lovely shabby chic white) It's a lot of work to strip it down and refinish it. BUT defefinetly go for the look you're going to be happy with in the lond run. Make sure you post it done, in the room, and used, 'cause it's just lovely to look at!


Belas Creating Place said...

I would love to see what you do with this unit. I see a lot of storage here LOL>