Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's been a while. I know, I know......

My friend Korie is having a baby!!! Korie and I went to nursing school together and carpooled many 'a day together. She went with me a few weeks ago to Wenatchee, the day we went LOOKING for a dress for Nikki for Tolo--Oh My Goodness.....I'm thinking Korie won't be forgetting that day for quite some time AND I'm thinking she's REALLY HOPING for a BOY!! :) Don't get me wrong...girls are just fine............when they're BABIES!! Those of you who have, or who HAVE HAD, a teenage girl(s) KNOW what I mean!! Anyways.......
Korie is having a BABY, she went with me shopping for the day....we found this CUTE scrapbook AND matching paper (at Target none the less). She was admiring this book so I told her I'd make her up a scrapbook for the baby. I worked on it last week so thought I'd share what I've come up with. The pages are pretty simple but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
What do you think??
Front of the book. Korie can put a picture of baby in there when he comes. :)
This is the first page.
I THINK I'm going to somehow do 'Welcome (baby's name) or SOMETHING before I give it to her.....I just haven't figured out WHAT for sure yet.....

(TRY not to look at my HUGE MESS in the background). HOLY COW if you only saw my work area right now.......
I tried to couple these pages together BUT they're each separate so she can take them out and rearrange them how she likes.

As you can see.......
I didn't get too crazy embellishing these pages. I know Korie bought a matching sticker pack for this paper so she can use those if she likes.
I AM going to stamp some images from a stamp set or two for baby's weight, date etc....

The page on the left, and the wanna look like quilted pages are my favorites!! I don't know why.....
just are.

I think this is the ONLY page I did photo mats for....why?? Who knows?!
You never know how someone else is going to want to put their pages in.....

Another one of my favorites.
The square in the middle says:
"Life affords no greater responsiblity, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation. -C. Everett Koop"
Isn't it the truth.
This is the last page.
It's a pocket page. I actually cut the page protector so the top will be protected and she can still put little momento's in the pocket. That little silver baby clip there kind of holds the page protector to the paper.
By the way......
This paper (Monkey Around Paper Pad), also from Target, to match the book is by K Marcella. There were 12 designs, 36 sheets for like eight and change in the pack and let me tell you it is a NICE paper. Not too thin not TOO heavy--a NICE weight! I'll definately buy more of this brand paper---LOL--silly me! I did!!
That's all for now.....
I'm off tonight so I'm HOPING to MAYBE get some creating done today. We'll see. I moved MORE stuff up from my other room last week and it's kind of a mess up here so I guess I REALLY should TRY to get some organizing done. We'll see what I feel like doing later on but right now I'm off to pick up Salvador!
Enjoy your Sunday!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008


WOOHOO!!!!! I can't believe it myself!! I WON!!! TWICE in ONE week!!!! You know what they say about 3's!!! Should I try for the lottery this week??? :)
Okay, WHAT did I win????? Well, do you remember the post about the blog candy over at Colour de Jour?? I was one, of the 3, winners!!! Yippeee!! I can't WAIT to see my new bag!!! Oh, you can be SURE I'll share pics when I get it!!! :)
THEN, today I went to a scrapbooking event. It was a scrapbooking retreat from Friday thru Sunday. I wasn't able to go Friday or Saturday (Friday I was working and Saturday, originally I had other plans but ended up being SO tired--this cold is just diggin' in with both feet so to speak--I slept ALL DAY, and I mean ALL DAY into Sunday morning---but I went down today and this is what I WON!!!

This bag with all these goodies inside!!
I swear I think each of the pockets had SOMETHING in it!!!
I got a few pages done for a friend's book that I've been TRYING to work on and get back to her but I didn't bring enough of the 'right' paper so I started working on my Christmas book for, ahem.....2005....yes, thats right......SHHHHH!
I got my mom's done that year, before they left I think, or at least shortly there after....I just haven't worked on mine. I am now. That's all that matters. Right??
I brought minimal, and I mean MINIMAL supplies so I still need to do my journaling and add embellishments BUT I'm started!! :)
AND the BEST thing is......I'm getting the scrapbooking 'feeling' back!!!!
I've ALMOST completed the baby book (last post), although I DID give it to her. I owe her, I think, three Holidays. You know what my mom says??? 'I'd rather owe it to ya than cheat ya out of it.' Fresh huh?!
Anyways, she liked it.. Yeaaaahhhh!!! I took pics before I brought it in so here goes:
(I know, some of these are repeats but this is how they look IN the book.)

1 Month Old

2 Months Old

3 Months Old

4 Months Old
(and my least favorite page). I was trying to stay with the 'theme' of each sticker...this one had blue, red and yellow rainbows with clouds.

5 Months Old

6 Months Old
(and a REAL crappy picture! But it's the only one I've got. Sorry)

7 Months Old

8 Months Old

9 Months Old

10 Months Old

11 Months Old

First Halloween-
I don't know that they actually dressed her up but figured I'd do it anyways.
These last pages (Holidays) are SUPER simple. All I did was use a paper pack I got from JoAnn Fabric, a Debbie Mumm Harvest & Holiday pack, and cut them up to fit where I needed. QUICK and EASY!!
First Thanksgiving
REALLY simple. I was SERIOUSLY losing steam by this point. Can you tell?!
....and finally First Christmas. I'll probably cut a green square or rectangle for her to add to this page.
So there you have it. I'm SO DONE with this post. It took FOREVER for the pics to download. UGH. It's alright though...I've been reorganizing my work space and putting paper scraps (from this album) away!!
Leave a comment, let me know what you think. Suggestions and ideas are ALWAYS welcome!!
Thanks for stopping by!
I used a variety of papers for this project. I TRIED to use as many scraps as I could but also used newer paperes too. Some are CTMH, SU!, My Minds Eye, Debbie Mumm etc...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby 'Album'

One of the girls at work, Regina, just had a baby girl---well, the baby is going to be 2 months old in a few days-- I'd got a few things 'for the baby' one being a cute little photo book. There are 20, 5X7 , double sided pages so I thought decorating up those (40) pages would be a 'fun' idea. I've kinda put it off...just because. Well, Regina is back to work now and I decided I guess I'd better get that book, and the card, done so I can get her stuff to her. I decided I was going to go 'simple' because 1) if you remember, I'm 'going simple' these days 2) I need to get it DONE!! I started working on it this morning and this is what I've come up with so far:

I apologize in advance for the not so great pictures.........
This is the first photo page.
There is another page first with 'vital statistics' so I didn't see a need to repeat.
I was having a 'hard' time trying to decide what I was going to do. At first I thought I'd go pink's and purples BUT while going through my 'stash' I came across some stickers, "1 month old" etc, etc.... so decided I'd just go ahead and do a few pages of the pink, graduate into monthly pics and then do a few 'first Holiday' pages (Halloween-I'm going to find out if she 'dressed' the baby up first, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc..). I'm going to do 2, facing, pages for each month.

Pages 2&3

VERY SIMPLE but the pages aren't super big anyways so it should make it a little easier for photo placement, I hope.

1 month old

CTMH papers and cuttlebug die cut flowers.

2 months

again, cuttlebug flower die cuts....

3 months

misc pattern paper and CTMH paper embossed with the cuttlebug paisley print.


4 months--I just followed the lead of the sticker here....those are rainbows on the '4'. I don't know yet what I'm going to do for the facing page...

5 months
Actually I'm going to move this one to the bottom page instead of the top and just do the top page like this one without the border on the bottom.
And this is as far as I got before Joe got home from work this morning and I haven't been back up here until now and NOW it's time for dinner.
I wanted to get these pics posted though because I've been 'slackin' when it comes to taking pictures of my 'creations' the past few months. It seems I'll NEED a card or something for an event, make what I need and give it without taking a picture.
HOPEFULLY I'll be able to finish this book by Wednesday so I can FINALLY get it to Regina and she can start filling it!!
That's all for now.........