Saturday, June 30, 2007

Look at what Sammo made

Samuel has had a busy Summer Break already! His first week off he went to Soccer Camp, last week he went to Art Camp and next week it's VBS! He's a busy boy! He LOVED Soccer Camp-wore him out really-he was at Soccer Camp M-F from 9-1 and then most days when Joe picked him up they'd head off fishing. I don't think I've EVER known Samuel to EAT or SLEEP SO much!! :)
Yesterday was his last day at Art Camp and this is what he made! He was so excited! He brought it home yesterday in a bag. We rinsed it out and took off the rubber bands this morning (AS SOON as he woke up), I washed it and then hung it outside to dry-I swear it was dry in RECORD time!!!
-and NOW he's sport'in it!
Alright, well, we're just waiting for one of his friends and one of Nikki's friends and we're OFF to see Ratatouille. I think I want to see it more than them!!!
Enjoy your Saturday!

I'm sorry....

Well, I guess you CAN freeze bananas in their skins...I didn't know. I've always peeled them and THEN frozen them. Hmmmm....
Well, my apologizes to Nikki! :)

I've been HIT!

So this is how it works.
These are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.
**Well, this is what I'm going to do.....I'll post my 7 random facts BUT I don't know 7 other bloggers! I visit quite a few blogs but don't KNOW them....well, then I thought what better way to GET to know them......yeah, well, they've been hit already! (Some multiple times already!) SO-as I find untagged people, I'll tag 'em and update! Fair enough??
Here we go:
#1. I'm originally from Hamden, Connecticut-and now living in Washington state-yep-clear across the country. My Mom, Dad and youngest brother and sister still live in Ct.
#2. I was a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy. I joined right out of HS (LONG STORY). Went to boot camp in Orlando, Corps School in Great Lakes, IL., first duty station was Adak, Alaska (18 month 'tour') and on to Kingsville, Tx-last duty station.
#3. I met my husband in Kingsville. We met in early May and were married mid October the same year. We've been married since '91, so we'll have 16 years this October.
#4. We have 2 beautiful children-A daughter (13) and a son (7). Why so long in between some might ask...well, I had two miscarriages in between. When I'd finally thought that perhaps it wasn't meant for me to have any more children AND I decided that after 30 I wasn't going to have any more babies I found out I was pregnant!! NO kidding! I turned 30 in June in July I found out I was pregnant! -God's little way of telling me HE is the one who decides how things will go?? Not me?? :) It's ALL good because he is such a JOY and for sure a blessing!! I wouldn't change it for the WORLD!
#5. I'm finishing up my RN. I started Nursing school in 2005-was 2 quarters into classes (March '06) when my mom had life threatening complications to gallbladder removal. Yep! No kidding there. She almost died. That was I think the most frightening experience I've had. I temporarily withdrew from school and flew back to Ct to take care of my Dad (and then 17 year old) brother. She ended up being in the ICU for almost 5 weeks. She got C Diff after followed by a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) so I was able to put my nursing skills to work as she had to get a heparin shot every day there for about a week. God is good though and although it was WAY HORRIBLE at times SO much good came out of it! Praise God!
anyways-once I returned home (to Wa) I joined another class (2 hours away from us) to finish up. I'm in my 2nd to last quarter now-I can barely see the light at the end of the tunnel BUT it IS there! and I've been BLESSED in SO MANY ways! Even though the road has been bumpy along the way I am SO thankful for THIS road! I myself would have NEVER chosen it had I had any say in it and I would have missed out on SO MANY blessings!
#6. We've lived here in North Central Washington for 5 years this coming Sept. We moved here from San Diego, Ca. Talk about culture shock!! The first year was tough but we LOVE it here now and although we occassionally talk about moving-probably ME more than Joe-I don't think we ever will. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL here!!
#7. I guess I should have mentioned this first BUT at the same time I think perhaps I just saved the BEST for last...I AM a Christian woman! -Couldn't have figured that one out on your own huh?? :) Jesus Christ IS my Lord and Saviour. He has blessed me and carried me through FAR more than I have time to write about. Praise HIM!!!
Alright, there you have it. 7 not so little tid-bits about me! Aren't you glad you asked! ;)

Friday, June 29, 2007

You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it!

Let me just give you a little background here....

I brought some banana's home from Wenatchee yesterday. There were only 3 I think and they were beginning to get spots so I asked Nikki, (our 13 year old with the 4.0 GPA) to put the bananas in freezer bags and then into the freezer so we could use them for banana shakes. I didn't think anything of it right?? How hard is that? Yeah, well....I went into the freezer a few minutes ago and THIS is what I find!!!!
Oh Yeah! The banana's are in the freezer alright, and they're even in a freezer bag BUT they are STILL in their SKINS!!!!!! UGH!
Does it surprise me? NOT IN THE LEAST coming from Nikki.
Gotta LOVE her!
Just another day in the life :)

Was Korin EVER right when she said these were addicting!!

I had SO much fun making up this stationary holder and cards. And honestly, the original plan was to make it up for a friend....but, I like it TOO much and now want to keep it for me. Horrible isn't it!

Moving right along.......

What did I use??

Well, I have SO much paper that I have decided I NEED to use what I have before I buy any more....well, er....much more?

SO- I used a superslab from Provo Craft, rob and bob studio. I picked it up while I was at my mom's last summer
and I gotta tell ya--I REALLY like these papers!! Especially for these stationary holders (with cards)! I especially love the idea that there is coordinating cardstock for the patterned paper. Some of you know just how anal I am about having to match perfectly!!!

Stamps I used are: Delight in Everything (CTMH- item # D1204), Friendship Blessings (CTMH- item # D1191-ONE of my FAVORITE stamp sets by the way!!!) Curly Greetings (CTMH #B1143), Spunky Greetings (CTMH #B1123), You're Special (CTMH #1220)
and My One and Only (CTMH #D1197).
The inks I used: Bamboo (#Z2103), Crystal Blue (#Z2106) and Black(#Z2105).

Many, many thanks to Korin for sharing her template (and ideas!-you'll notice I lifted a few of your card ideas!)

Let me know what YOU think!

I'm off to make MORE!!! ;)

Back to the books for me!

I JUST realized my last post was on June 18th! YIKES! What have I been doing!!!!!--heh! What haven't I been doing really! lol That's what it feels like sometimes! :)
This was my first week back to class (for summer) so I was down in Wenatchee all week. Back to the books for me!! My 'scrap-n-crap room', as my husband calls it, is NOT just my 'scrap-n-crap room''s ALSO my study area!
Interestingly enough when I started going back to school we converted a spare room that was more of a reading room, into a study type room. We had cabinets and countertops put in and that was SUPPOSED to be MY area for studying, homework etc.... Yeah, well, the kids AND Joe have pretty much taken it over. I will not FIGHT for space so I decided they can just have it and I'll use my 'scrap-n-crap room'. It's comfy and I'm surrounded by all my stuff!
I got some GOOD news this past week....My clinicals, for this quarter, won't start until later in July which means, aside from a test on Monday that I am able to take in Omak (only 20 minutes away as opposed to the 2 hour trek to Wenatchee), I am off until the 9th!!! WOOOHOOO!!! It almost seems TOO good to be true! :) Well, I am going to take advantage of that time that is FOR SURE! I'm going to TRY and get as much done as I possibly can.
Stay posted and see what gets done! :)
Until next time............................

Monday, June 18, 2007

New kitty

Lael got a new kitty!!!

When we came home from fishing yesterday he decided to come visit with us for a bit.

They're SO darned cute when they're little. The kids, of course, fell in love with him and just played and played for the longest. I have to admit, he was FUN to watch. Samuel gave him a wadded up paper towel and he just played with it for the longest!!!
He doesn't have a name yet. We came up with Jack. I don't know that Lael is going to go for Jack. Nikki pointed out later that then he'd be, "Jack Black". :)

He sure is a cutie but
....then they get BIG!

Fishing on Father's Day

Yesterday we went fishing for a bit for Father's Day. Joe and Samuel were excited, as always, about going. Well, we finally get out there and Joe realizes he's forgotten the 'right' tackle box!! He decided to make do with what he had (the wrong tackle box). Oh well. He and Samuel had fun for a while.....until I decided it was too chilly and windy for me. Had it been a nice, warm day I probably would have enjoyed just being out there but not in the cool, windy, drizzle of the day.

Anyways-here's a picture of my little fisherman.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The rest.........

Alright, so last night I posted some of the cards I'd made up.....

Here is the last one....
The same paper of course, from WalMart.

They were just such easy cards.

I love that!!

Next are a few LO pages I made up:

I just love this paper. I have NO idea WHAT pictures will go on these layouts but they'll be ready.

These next LO pages are supposed to be for a challenge for one of the groups I belong to. Obviously they need pictures, journaling and embellishment also!! I'm just waiting for my photo's to get here....maybe this weekend. I LOVE this paper. It's CTMH (X7083B-Let's Get Together). Love these colors too!!

I have some recent pictures of Nikki that I thought would look perfect on these pages.

I'm REALLY going to TRY to enjoy this break and get some creating done---this is just the beginning!!

Well, thanks for looking and leave a comment if you like! It's always nice to get feedback!

Today's Creations......

I've been SO consumed with school the past few months that I really haven't had ANY time to 'create'.

I got home LATE last night, well, really this morning and was awoken pretty early so I was TIRED today. Nikki talked me into going downstairs to watch one of the shows we TiVo and once it was over I took a 4 + hour nap. NICE!

Katrina (my BFF) came over to visit for a while which was SUPER nice since we haven't had a chance to visit in I don't know HOW long as we've BOTH been busy with school!! But SHE is graduating on Saturday!! Yippee!!! Hurray for her!! Way to go girl! :)

Anyways--I got busy this evening......well, maybe not THAT busy but I was able to make up a few cards. I have a few friends graduating from Nursing School and wanted to have cards for them. You know once people know you make cards they kind of expect a 'homemade' card!! ;) So here are a few I made up........

They were SUPER easy as you can tell. I LOVE the colors!!!

The blue/green is paper from WalMart! by Kurio. I saw them the other day and HAD to have them. I just LOVE the color combo.

The paper I used in the other card is from Chatter Box. My daughter picked them out.....she liked I went with it.

I have one more I'm working on. JUST had an idea for it but probably won't get to it until tomorrow. I'm TIRED now and it's 3:00 am. Yet ANOTHER late night!! I'll post it and the LO pages I did sometime tomorrow!!

Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nikki and her new camera...

One of the things Nikki 'got' for her birthday was a camera. She didn't want just ANY camera. Oh, NO! The very same girl who not too long ago HATED PINK WANTED a pink camera!!!! Being a photography fan myself I was just tickled that she wanted a camera for her birthday so I thought we should get her a nice one. It just so happened that Sony has a PINK camera. ONLY thing was I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I guess it's a VERY popular little PINK camera!! I was FINALLY able to get my hot little hands on one so we GOT IT!!! Nikki read the book and has been busy taking pictures ever since. Her favorite subject???? HERSELF! Here's a sampling of her 'work'. :)

Although she IS quite happy with all her new pictures of HER, she actually HAS been taking pictures of others too. Mostly her friends. 8th grade promotion was last night and OF COURSE she wanted to go so she could take pictures of all her 8th grade (soon to be 9th grade) friends. She's actually got some really good pictures!

That's MY girl!! :)

-PS: She got her hair cut a few weeks ago and although I think it's ADORABLE I think it makes her look A LOT older than 13!!! That's our 'beauty'!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

GIRLY card

This is a birthday card I made up for one of Nikki's friends....cute & girly!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

It was a GOOD catch!

Joe and Samuel went fishing bright and early this morning and THIS is what they brought home....

5 silver salmon. Samuel loves going fishing with his dad and I guess he's quite the little fisherman these days! Interesting though as he doesn't really care for eating it!

ONLY guys would put the fish IN with the drinks though.......ICK!!!!


I went outside last night---Samuel was picking strawberries and came running in because he was being 'attacked' by praying mantises :)-- I brought my camera with me.....thought it might be a good photo op--

Well, it was that PERFECT time of day when lighting is AWESOME so I decided to just take a few pics of some of flowers around the yard. I just enjoy doing that sometimes.
Anyways--here are just a few I took. I just enjoy looking at them sometimes so I thought I'd share.......

That's all for now.....

Graduation is here!

This year we don't just have HS Graduation but also Nursing School Graduation! Today, however, is Tonasket High School Graduation and we have a party to go to for one of our daughter's friend's sisters. They are just the nicest family so we are so happy to be able to join in celebration with them! Below you'll find the 'card' (coaster accordian style) I made up. I lifted it from someone, sorry, I don't remember who-though you will know who you are.....I used different papers but the idea was all hers! Thank You!! It was my first time really doing this so I learned a few things along the way but I think it came out alright....

This of course is the front.....

It still needs some finishing touches....of course I'll trim up the ribbon but I wanted to seal it for good before I do that--

I bought this ribbon at Target in the $1 section. I think there were 6 different colors....I thought, $1 great deal.......yeah, well, the reason it was such a 'great' deal is because there is only 12 inches of each color........oh well!
The next photo shows it opened.....

I got the wording from one of the MANY magazines I have. I just happened to take it with me this past week to look through and to my surprise there was a Graduation idea!!! Lucky me! It says, "You have come to the end of a long journey--and to the beginning of a new one. With so much ahead of you, your goals will help you to achieve greatness!! In the pockets on back list 10 goals for yourself. Conceive it. Believe it. Achieve it."

This final pictures is of the back--the pockets and the tags, in the pockets, for her to list her goals. I'll write a little something on the striped page to the far right--Congratulating her etc, etc..... The pockets look kind of I'm not sure yet if I might add a little something to them to 'spice' them up a bit or not......sometimes less is more but sometimes less IS less....heehee---I'll see.......
I was staying with the pink and orange theme because--well, I LOVE pink and orange together but ALSO it goes with the color theme of the gift we got her..........
The picture is posted's a canvas tote (Bath&Body Works) filled with shower gel, lotion, spray, a pink and orange bath mesh sponge a wall flower nightlight with passion fruit guava (pink and orange) bulbs, towel with her name and "Oh, the Places You'll Go"-Dr. Seuss of course! So everything kind of has that orange/pink color scheme......
Now on to Tyler's......

I'll post those pics later.......hopefully sometime this weekend as I WANT to get his stuff out in the mail Monday morning.

Until next time...................

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Well, here we are. It's Sunday ALREADY!!

It was quite the busy weekend that's for sure.

Thursday evening I drove with some fellow classmates from Wentachee to Renton to take our LPN boards (Friday morning). After the exam we hit Ikea and had lunch before heading back. After dropping them off in Wenatchee I STILL had the additional 2 hour trek North home to Tonasket! It made for a LONG day that is for sure but I am happy that it is over and done with!!

Saturday was the Founder's Day parade here in Tonasket so of course the kids wanted to go. Samuel was in the parade with soccer and Nikki just enjoyed hanging out with her friends and watching the parade.

There's my handsome guy (above, middle) throwing out candy as they go by.......

And here, of course, is our 'beauty'. ->>>
They get big TOO quick that is FOR SURE!!!! She spent the better part of her day outside, 'trying to get a tan'. It was HOT enough--@ close to the 100's!
Well, I'd better get some work done...maybe then I'll have a few minutes to play???
Wishful thinking or just hopeful???
Until next time..............