Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nikki and her new camera...

One of the things Nikki 'got' for her birthday was a camera. She didn't want just ANY camera. Oh, NO! The very same girl who not too long ago HATED PINK WANTED a pink camera!!!! Being a photography fan myself I was just tickled that she wanted a camera for her birthday so I thought we should get her a nice one. It just so happened that Sony has a PINK camera. ONLY thing was I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I guess it's a VERY popular little PINK camera!! I was FINALLY able to get my hot little hands on one so we GOT IT!!! Nikki read the book and has been busy taking pictures ever since. Her favorite subject???? HERSELF! Here's a sampling of her 'work'. :)

Although she IS quite happy with all her new pictures of HER, she actually HAS been taking pictures of others too. Mostly her friends. 8th grade promotion was last night and OF COURSE she wanted to go so she could take pictures of all her 8th grade (soon to be 9th grade) friends. She's actually got some really good pictures!

That's MY girl!! :)

-PS: She got her hair cut a few weeks ago and although I think it's ADORABLE I think it makes her look A LOT older than 13!!! That's our 'beauty'!!!

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Nenebeans said...

well i dont think that i look older than 13 do i......nope not 13 at all ....haha see even i agree with myself.!! ok well i know you are gonna think that is weird huh?? -NeKoLlAh FlOrEs