Saturday, June 30, 2007

I've been HIT!

So this is how it works.
These are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.
**Well, this is what I'm going to do.....I'll post my 7 random facts BUT I don't know 7 other bloggers! I visit quite a few blogs but don't KNOW them....well, then I thought what better way to GET to know them......yeah, well, they've been hit already! (Some multiple times already!) SO-as I find untagged people, I'll tag 'em and update! Fair enough??
Here we go:
#1. I'm originally from Hamden, Connecticut-and now living in Washington state-yep-clear across the country. My Mom, Dad and youngest brother and sister still live in Ct.
#2. I was a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy. I joined right out of HS (LONG STORY). Went to boot camp in Orlando, Corps School in Great Lakes, IL., first duty station was Adak, Alaska (18 month 'tour') and on to Kingsville, Tx-last duty station.
#3. I met my husband in Kingsville. We met in early May and were married mid October the same year. We've been married since '91, so we'll have 16 years this October.
#4. We have 2 beautiful children-A daughter (13) and a son (7). Why so long in between some might ask...well, I had two miscarriages in between. When I'd finally thought that perhaps it wasn't meant for me to have any more children AND I decided that after 30 I wasn't going to have any more babies I found out I was pregnant!! NO kidding! I turned 30 in June in July I found out I was pregnant! -God's little way of telling me HE is the one who decides how things will go?? Not me?? :) It's ALL good because he is such a JOY and for sure a blessing!! I wouldn't change it for the WORLD!
#5. I'm finishing up my RN. I started Nursing school in 2005-was 2 quarters into classes (March '06) when my mom had life threatening complications to gallbladder removal. Yep! No kidding there. She almost died. That was I think the most frightening experience I've had. I temporarily withdrew from school and flew back to Ct to take care of my Dad (and then 17 year old) brother. She ended up being in the ICU for almost 5 weeks. She got C Diff after followed by a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) so I was able to put my nursing skills to work as she had to get a heparin shot every day there for about a week. God is good though and although it was WAY HORRIBLE at times SO much good came out of it! Praise God!
anyways-once I returned home (to Wa) I joined another class (2 hours away from us) to finish up. I'm in my 2nd to last quarter now-I can barely see the light at the end of the tunnel BUT it IS there! and I've been BLESSED in SO MANY ways! Even though the road has been bumpy along the way I am SO thankful for THIS road! I myself would have NEVER chosen it had I had any say in it and I would have missed out on SO MANY blessings!
#6. We've lived here in North Central Washington for 5 years this coming Sept. We moved here from San Diego, Ca. Talk about culture shock!! The first year was tough but we LOVE it here now and although we occassionally talk about moving-probably ME more than Joe-I don't think we ever will. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL here!!
#7. I guess I should have mentioned this first BUT at the same time I think perhaps I just saved the BEST for last...I AM a Christian woman! -Couldn't have figured that one out on your own huh?? :) Jesus Christ IS my Lord and Saviour. He has blessed me and carried me through FAR more than I have time to write about. Praise HIM!!!
Alright, there you have it. 7 not so little tid-bits about me! Aren't you glad you asked! ;)

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