Sunday, June 3, 2007


Well, here we are. It's Sunday ALREADY!!

It was quite the busy weekend that's for sure.

Thursday evening I drove with some fellow classmates from Wentachee to Renton to take our LPN boards (Friday morning). After the exam we hit Ikea and had lunch before heading back. After dropping them off in Wenatchee I STILL had the additional 2 hour trek North home to Tonasket! It made for a LONG day that is for sure but I am happy that it is over and done with!!

Saturday was the Founder's Day parade here in Tonasket so of course the kids wanted to go. Samuel was in the parade with soccer and Nikki just enjoyed hanging out with her friends and watching the parade.

There's my handsome guy (above, middle) throwing out candy as they go by.......

And here, of course, is our 'beauty'. ->>>
They get big TOO quick that is FOR SURE!!!! She spent the better part of her day outside, 'trying to get a tan'. It was HOT enough--@ close to the 100's!
Well, I'd better get some work done...maybe then I'll have a few minutes to play???
Wishful thinking or just hopeful???
Until next time..............

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