Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh, Hoppy Day!!

Do you ever do something and then WONDER WHY you do the things you do???

Samuel has a birthday party tomorrow for another little boy--my guess is he's turning 8. Joe picked up a gift for him today when he went to Omak and I made up a card.......WHY would I think I should MAKE up a card for an 8 year old who's going to look at it for a minute, IF that, and then just chuck it anyways?? I dunno.....but these are the things I do.

My original plan was to do a football themed card since the boys are doing flag football right now......but I couldn't come up with a birthday greeting involving football.......any ideas?????

So, I decided to go with this frog. I LOVE this set. I believe it's a retired set, from Stampin' Up!! called, 'Frolicking Frogs'. I water colored them in with my waterbrush. I SO lifted the sketch from Beate's was a card another girl had made-her's had a frog on it too-- and I just thought it was SO cute. I used OLD paper from a DCWV paper pac (Retro Prints). Anyways, here it is:

I think it came out cute.......
Samuel said it was 'girly'. I think he just had his mind hooked on a football card. Joe said he didn't think it was girly so I'm going with that. :)
He, Samuel, just walked by and said, "Oh, there's Zeke's card." I asked him if he wanted a different card and he said, "Nah! You already made that one." So, I guess this one will 'work' for him after all!!
Well, that's all for today.
I'm working tomorrow and Saturday so I'm pretty SURE there won't be any creating for me for the next few days.....
Sunday I'm talking Year Book pictures for a friend and we have our first test of the quarter on Monday so I'll be studying in between all that.
The next few months (Oct-Nov) are going to be pretty hectic and busy for me between juggling class, work and my preceptor stuff so I don't know how much posting I'll be able to get to but I promise I'll TRY.
Don't forget about me!!
Until next time,
Happy Stamping!!!! :)
Materials used:
Stamps: Frolicking Frogs (Stampin' Up!)
Paper: DCWV Retro Prints-the Paper Stack, CTMH cardstock: Topiary, Crystal Blue, Bamboo & Holiday Red
Ink: ALL CTMH: Topiary, Kiwi, Sunflower, Holiday Red, Chocolate and Bamboo
Misc/Accessories: white ribbon (scrap jar), pewter brads (CTMH), glitter glue (crayola), watercolor paper.

Monday, September 24, 2007

LOOK at what I got today!!!!

One of the girls in my class, Aura, had a SU! Party about a week ago and I placed an order. TODAY I got my goodies!!! I've been waiting for today all weekend!!! :) Nice thing is TWO of the sets are pre-cut so I only have to cut out ONE!!!

OK-gotta go!!! Gotta get my little man in bed so I can PLAY for a little while before I head off for bed myself!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last but not least...

Well, mission accomplished!

Card #3 is DONE!!! Phew!

I wasn't AS thrilled with it but Nikki LOVES it! Does that surprise me??? NO! Not at all because we are SO different. SO, it's all good. Nice thing about this card too?? It took like NO time (I already had the candles colored in---yes, colored pencils and Odorless Mineral Spirits). Really and truely, the cards are for young girls. They're going to open them, retrieve the gift card and be done with it so I guess it's all good. Well, that's all the 'creating' for me for this day. Now to catch up on the rest of that laundry that needs to be done and get a little studying in.....oh yeah, maybe a QUICK dinner for me and the kids too---Joe's sleeping.
Have a GREAT week!
Materials used: Papers: yikes! Paper in a kit I got a LOOOONG time ago from JoAnns Stamps: candles-Anita's stamps--got this one a LONG time ago too from some craft store by my mom..can't think of the name of it....but the stamp was on clearance..SUPER cheap. I think this is the first time I've even used it!!! 'WISH'-from 'In a Word: Children by Technique Tuesday, Ribbon: White Organdy-CTMH, green and pink-Michaels, Frosted Lace Stickles by Ranger.

My Goodwill finds......

Do you all remember a while back when I mentioned that Katrina and I had made a trip to Wentachee and I found a bunch of 'good finds' at the Goodwill?? Remember I said I was going to post picks of those 'good finds'? And I never did....well, I just haven't had the time. Today I made the time so I thought I'd post some pics.....
Alright, so this first 'find' is something I was SO excited to find. Let me tell you why....I don't remember who's blog it was on that I first saw
this idea but I thought it was brilliant. Whoever it was had found a small container in a craft store and she cut a sponge to fit her container and then put her gamsol in it, just to saturate the sponge. Then, when she uses it she just dips the tip in the sponge. What a great idea right?? Well, I was then on a mission to find just the right container. I had a glass jar with lid that I'd gotten from some of my grandmother's stuff last summer but the lid didn't screw on, it just sat on the top and I really wanted something that would 'contain' the OMS. Well, when I found this little beauty-I KNEW I wanted it! wasn't near as shiny as it is now. I was SO excited I couldn't WAIT to get home. I paid $1 for it but it was worth it! When I showed it to Katrina she said bet it had some kind of face cream or something in it. Funny thing....I got home, washed it up and WHAT does the bottom say?? Guess?? AVON!!! I didn't care though-it's perfect.....AND cute! I just have a sea sponge in there really doesn't fit that well but it was all I had.


These COOL wooden bowls. The four smaller ones are about 3.5"x3.5" square. I thought they would be PERFECT for putting those little somethings, brads or whatever that I'm using for a certain project or whatever in while I'm working--instead of them getting lost under something or whatever. I think Tresa Black one time mentioned how she puts stuff in little containers while she's working and how it makes clean up easier.....hmmmmm. Would you believe those little wooden bowls were $.25 each. NO KIDDING! I thought it was a steal!!
Then there's a bigger bowl, that the smaller ones are resting in. It's about 8.25" in diameter and I thought I'd use it for the same kind of's pretty shallow but I thought it was cool. Heck, if nothing else I figured I could fill it with some kind of little goodies and plunk a candle in the middle at holiday time or something... it was like $.50!!! Yes! fifty cents!!

MmmmmHmmmmmmm.....ANOTHER wooden 'something'. It'll be good for SOMETHING right? Again, if nothing else a few candles and stuff.......I thought it was cool anyways.

Next was this cute little....I don't even know what it WAS in it's prior life but I just thought it was pretty and that it would be PERFECT to hold some of my paintbrushes. Works like a charm and looks cute too!!

I found a few more things but they're still in the bag, in the car! No kidding. I don't even remember what they are! Each time I come in I either 1) forget about it or 2) already have too much stuff in my arms.
Alright, well, if I decide to meander out to the car I'll be SURE to bring those other things in and if they're 'worthy' I'll post later.
Thanks for coming by for a visit....
Come again soon!

Birthday Card #2

Birthday Card #2 DONE!!

....and here it is.....

I think I would have done it a little differently but I asked Nikki for some input and this is what she wanted SOOOOOOO.......

She actually colored in the frog with some pencils and then used the odorless mineral spirits over it with the 'stubs' or whatever they're called............. I just thought it was 'cool' to use something that she'd actually done since it IS from her. At least she took part in it.

You can't really see it in the photo but I used the crystal stickles on the wings of the dragonfly-too cute!!

On to card #3. I have an idea so HOPEFULLY it won't be TOO long......

Materials used: Papers: My Minds Eye, Stamps: Frolicking Frogs (SU!), Flowers: white (CTMH), orange (Prisma), rhinestones-WalMart, Ribbon-Textured Trio's from Micheals and Crystal Stickles (Ranger).

Birthday Card #1

Nikki has had 3 birthday parties over the past month or two.....and don't ya know I'd been SO busy that I didn't make up cards, get gifts..NOTHING! Bad mom, bad mom!! Half the time I didn't even know she was even AT the birthday party until I got home and asked, "Where's Nikki??" and was then told, "At 'so-and-so's' birthday party!" .......Ooops!

Well, I decided I would get those cards done today so maybe THIS week Nikki can give her belated gifts out.....They're 13 and 14 year olds so all they really want, or well, all Nikki wants to a gift card anyways. Wish I'd known earlier......I could have done THAT on time!!!

Anyways, here is card #1. I told her I'd make 'em up and she could decide who'd get 'em.
(She did end up giving some input though.....)
You'll notice the dates aren't circled.....she's not 100% sure so she can circle them when she finds out........
Of course, 'Happy Birthday!' is stamped on the inside!! :)
Materials I used: Paper-Between Friends (retired-CTMH), Bamboo, Baby Pink (retired?) Blush
Stamp sets: It's a date (SU-retired I believe which is too bad because I think it's a COOL set!)
Pretty up (CTMH-retired)
Ink: Hollyhock, Desert Sand (CTMH)
Ribbon: White Organdy (CTMH)
Other: Marvy/Uchida Mega Scallop punch, Crystal Stickles

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where do I begin???

Geesh! The last time I posted, aside from my VERY last post, re: the card for Victoria, was the gift I'd received from my Secret Sister. I've just been 'crazy busy'! The first couple days or so of my break I played around in my creating room that is....but before too long, I realized I REALLY needed to attend to other things around the house and just life in general. Mid-way through break I took a job at the hospital. So back to the work force for me! (Remember now, I've been a stay-at-home-mom for the past 13 years!!) In doing so, I realized I needed some scrubs. Katrina (my BF) and I went to Wenatchee and one of the things we, well, ME more than she, were going to do was look for scrubs. I found NOTHING. -Really it's not like there is MUCH by way of scrubs to find there anyways but.....
Not to mention the price!! I just have a hard time paying between $18-$20 for a scrub top. SO, we decided she'd......errrrr.......we'd..........make some. We were going to JoAnns anyways. We found some of THE CUTEST fabric (on sale!). Here's 'Katharina' working on one of MY scrub tops. Don't cha just LOVE that fabric?? I DO! I've gotten SO many compliments on this top already!!!
I'm the 'cutter' -she HATES cutting......
and she's the 'sewer'-I'm just no where NEAR as good as it as she is. You should SEE some of the beautiful things she's made!! The original plan was to make these I could learn how to sew a bit better but due to time restraints and just hasn't turned out that way......
She is just THE BESTEST friend EVER!!!
-and NOT just because she's making scrub tops for me either! Just because SHE IS!!! :) I AM blessed! Thanks Kat!
We also stopped by the Goodwill that day...and BOY! Did I ever find some good 'deal's'! My camera is out in the car right now and it's EARLY in the morning here (2:47am - I couldn't sleep!) and it's cold outside....and dark........I DON'T like going outside in the dark so much. I will but if I don't feel like I HAVE to, I won't, so, I'm not going to....but I WILL get it later to snap a picture or two--I think, I got some cool stuff.
SO-I've been working--Whew! That first 12 hour shift was a doozie! I was exhausted! I came home, showered, had a little bit to eat and WENT TO BED!! The 2nd and 3rd days weren't SO bad but SHEESH!!
THEN, of course, school started back up. Back to Wenatchee for me two days a week (Mon/Thur)-but at least it's ONLY 2 days a week this quarter. I will be doing my preceptorship too but I'll be doing that closer to home. October & November look like they are going to be QUITE the busy months---with really NOT any free time at all between class, preceptor days and work....BUT I think for two months it can be done!!! :) November 28th won't come fast enough for me this year!!!
SO-in a nut shell that is my life the past few weeks!
I AM planning on 'creating' today so HOPEFULLY before too long I'll get a chance to post some of my 'creations'!
Thanks for stopping by......
.....and come back again SOON!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Card for Victoria

I have been SO crazy busy lately--so....I haven't had a chance to post in FOREVER. I have SO much to share....just not the time TO share. My apologizes. I PROMISE come Saturday I'll be a posting FOOL!! But, until then.....
PLEASE join me in sending cards (homemade or not) to Victoria....and send up a prayer or two, or three or......(you get the idea).
I KNOW I've posted this card before BUT this is a very special card. It is going out to Victoria tomorrow morning. Who is Victoria you ask? Well click here: to find out!!
Nikki thought this would be a perfect card for her and I was SO happy because I just don't have time today or tomorrow to MAKE a card and I REALLY wanted to get one IN THE MAIL!!
Really and truly I'll be updating my blog on Saturday so come back and visit again then!!
Toodles and Good Night!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Look what I got!!

In one of the groups I belong to, I'm participating in a Secret Sister Swap. Way Fun right? Well, I don't know why I didn't think to post my FIRST SS gift to my blog??? SO, here goes! My box of goodies arrived last week. I was SO excited. It's so FUN isn't it? Getting FUN mail! :)
Inside the box was this clear paint can with supplies to get me started on my Christmas cards: some ribbon, green brads, red and green buttons and a gold uniball (one of my all time FAVORITE kind of pen)!!! -and don't let me forget the CUTE card! Thank You, thank you, thank you to MY Secret Sister!

Monday, September 3, 2007

A card...

I haven't been 'creating' much the past few days....

BUT-Samuel spent the night at a friend's house last night so when I woke up earlier this morning and went into my scrap-room I KNEW I wouldn't be interrupted with his sweetness. I just love that little man to pieces but I KNOW when he wakes up in the morning the FIRST thing he does is look for me!! He always finds me, usually scareing the pee out of me and then, I know, any play time-for me- has ended. SO, knowing that he wasn't here and that Nikki would sleep until mid-day AND Joe is at work, I decided to relax and have some FUN! Unfortunately the majority of what I worked on is Secret Sister stuff so I can't post it BUT-but, but, but- I DID make up a few cards........

I was inspired by a card I saw at Inglishrea's gallery (SCS). You can find it here:

I don't know how else to link so if you know of an easier way, please DO share with me.

Anyways-I LOVE these colors together-they are (CTMH) Sweet Leaf, Cocoa and Colonial White. I used an OLD CTMH stamp set that I've only ever used once before and I THINK someone even left a comment to tell me what the name of it was and I didn't write it down.......I'll have to go back and look sometime today and mark it on the box so I know.....

I used CTMH papers: Cocoa, Sweet Leaf and Colonial White and more of My Minds Eye--LOVE those papers!!!
For the first card I used a quote at the bottom from Love Quotes (CTMH C1194). It's one of my favorite quotes, " The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart."-Helen Keller
And Love Quotes is one of my favorite sets-you know, one of
the ones you're SO glad you got!
#2 & #3 are pretty much the same......the only difference is on card #3 I stamped 'Bless You' at the bottom. It comes from an old 'woodies' set from CTMH -again, I don't know the name of it-Boy! I sure DO like how the name of the stamp set and number are on the acrylix now!!
Can you tell I REALLY like this card! {heehee}
I also, of course, added some brads in the corners. Much better don'tchathink?
Funny--I think even the wee small addition of that Bless You at the bottom make a big difference. I think I like it better!! ;)
Ok- so that's all for now....
Joe's home so I'm gonna go so how his night went!
Enjoy the last day of your holiday weekend!