Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Goodwill finds......

Do you all remember a while back when I mentioned that Katrina and I had made a trip to Wentachee and I found a bunch of 'good finds' at the Goodwill?? Remember I said I was going to post picks of those 'good finds'? And I never did....well, I just haven't had the time. Today I made the time so I thought I'd post some pics.....
Alright, so this first 'find' is something I was SO excited to find. Let me tell you why....I don't remember who's blog it was on that I first saw
this idea but I thought it was brilliant. Whoever it was had found a small container in a craft store and she cut a sponge to fit her container and then put her gamsol in it, just to saturate the sponge. Then, when she uses it she just dips the tip in the sponge. What a great idea right?? Well, I was then on a mission to find just the right container. I had a glass jar with lid that I'd gotten from some of my grandmother's stuff last summer but the lid didn't screw on, it just sat on the top and I really wanted something that would 'contain' the OMS. Well, when I found this little beauty-I KNEW I wanted it! wasn't near as shiny as it is now. I was SO excited I couldn't WAIT to get home. I paid $1 for it but it was worth it! When I showed it to Katrina she said bet it had some kind of face cream or something in it. Funny thing....I got home, washed it up and WHAT does the bottom say?? Guess?? AVON!!! I didn't care though-it's perfect.....AND cute! I just have a sea sponge in there really doesn't fit that well but it was all I had.


These COOL wooden bowls. The four smaller ones are about 3.5"x3.5" square. I thought they would be PERFECT for putting those little somethings, brads or whatever that I'm using for a certain project or whatever in while I'm working--instead of them getting lost under something or whatever. I think Tresa Black one time mentioned how she puts stuff in little containers while she's working and how it makes clean up easier.....hmmmmm. Would you believe those little wooden bowls were $.25 each. NO KIDDING! I thought it was a steal!!
Then there's a bigger bowl, that the smaller ones are resting in. It's about 8.25" in diameter and I thought I'd use it for the same kind of's pretty shallow but I thought it was cool. Heck, if nothing else I figured I could fill it with some kind of little goodies and plunk a candle in the middle at holiday time or something... it was like $.50!!! Yes! fifty cents!!

MmmmmHmmmmmmm.....ANOTHER wooden 'something'. It'll be good for SOMETHING right? Again, if nothing else a few candles and stuff.......I thought it was cool anyways.

Next was this cute little....I don't even know what it WAS in it's prior life but I just thought it was pretty and that it would be PERFECT to hold some of my paintbrushes. Works like a charm and looks cute too!!

I found a few more things but they're still in the bag, in the car! No kidding. I don't even remember what they are! Each time I come in I either 1) forget about it or 2) already have too much stuff in my arms.
Alright, well, if I decide to meander out to the car I'll be SURE to bring those other things in and if they're 'worthy' I'll post later.
Thanks for coming by for a visit....
Come again soon!

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The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

OOOOH! I love your fabulous finds! I wish we had a Goodwill around here. We have "Deseret Industries" which is mostly picked over junk... I love the little bottle that your paintbrushes are in!

Inky Smiles!