Monday, July 30, 2007

How COOL is this???

My mom called earlier and I was JUST able to call her back.....
I guess she got her new 'catty' (she signed up in April--and I just dropped down to Jr. Consultant---I'm just TOO busy with school and commuting right now....hmmmm, wondering now if I'll EVEN get a complimentary catty now....hmmm)
ANYWAYS!! The GOOD stuff....She told me my son is on pgs (I THINK) 59 and 63!!! And what a BUMMER I'm not even home to SEE!! Won't be until Friday night-and that's IF I go home this weekend! :(
I guess one is a half page spread with him in leaves and such and the other bundled up or something. I'd forgotten I'd even submitted photos! LOL
Anyways! I just thought that was pretty cool.
SO-now all you ladies who DO have your catties....check him out!! :)
I have clinicals this week (well, next week too--ALL WEEK for the next 2 weeks but once those clinical weeks are done all we have is another week of theory an exam and then the final and we're DONE for Summer!!! YIPPEE!!
Anyways, I'm in the OR tomorrow--fun?? I'll let ya know!!
Alright, I'm off to study--
just thought I'd share!
-Until next time........
Okay-so a friend scanned and emailed me the pics...
So, here's my baby!!!
How fun is that!!
And he just thinks he's SO special (well, of COURSE he IS to me!!!) because he's IN the book. He thinks he's a celebrity now! LOL

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Cindy Vernon (Creating with the Heart nominated ME a 'Rockin' Girl Blogger'!! What a sweetie!!! :)

Well, then, I guess it's MY turn to nominate a few-

SOOOO--for your viewing pleasure I nominate:

*Korin (

*Charmaine (

*Jenn (

*Chichi (

*Jan (

Each of these ladies has SUPER cool and BEAUTIFUL artwork and ideas!


What a surprise.....

here it is Saturday. Yet ANOTHER day gone and I've gotten NOWHERE as far as creating goes!! GRRRR! To make matters WORSE, I can't say I got much of ANYTHING done today!! The kids went to the pool with a friend, I came home and just hung out with Joe for a bit, made dinner, ordered some pictures from Shutterfly, checked and went through my 400+ emails and here we are at 9:06pm!!!

Not only that but about 5:00 this evening I started getting that back of the throat pain that lets you know within a few days you WILL have a cold!!!! UGH! I drank some airborne (ALL out of Emergen-C) and will drink another here in a few in HOPES it will ward off whatever this is I'm TRYING to get!!
I just thought I'd add this picture in......just thought it was kind of cool...I took it at a friends house last week and had forgotten about it until today when I was uploading those pics to shutterfly. I don't know what I'll ever do with it but I thought the branches of the trees were gnarley.
I don't know that I'll get anything done tomorrow as Sunday's are always a pretty busy day anyways- with church, packing for the week and getting as much time in with Joe and our kiddo's.
I've THOUGHT about packing stuff to bring with me while at the other house for the week but I haven't yet and for the next 2 weeks we're in clinicals so I'm pretty sure I won't have any extra time anyways. Oh well!! Maybe next weekend???
Until next time......

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Another week is OVER!!
It's SO nice to be home with my babies!!
Another exam is behind us. One more exam and a final to go (for this quarter) and then we'll enjoy a nice little break before Fall Quarter (and our LAST!!) begins!! YES! That light, you know, the one at the end of the tunnel, is getting brighter and brighter!!!

I haven't had ANY time to create or play in SO long! Soo...
I picked up another paper pack from WalMart today on my way home. I'm REALLY hoping to get a minute sometime this weekend to 'create and play' for a bit. I will be SURE to post whatever I get done so DO check back in!! :)
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!
My Love--

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I know, I know.....

I've been neglecting my blog.

I've been SO super busy though!! I've had NO time for creating!!

This past week was our (my clinical group) week at Eastern State Hospital at Medical Lake. I had a GREAT time!!!! I'm pretty sure now that I want to get into Psych nursing. Four other girls and myself stayed at the Solar World Estates in Airway Heights-it beat the hotel that most of the others stayed at. I guess they had problems not to mention how tore up it looked to me! Ech!

Anyways-overall it was a great week. We all got to know each other better and, I think, really had fun!

Our last night there some of us went out to 'celebrate' being done...

Lauren FINALLY got the 'excitement' she was looking for ALL WEEK when we left the club that night. I really am blessed to be a part of such a FUN group!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

This is what I woke up to this morning! I took this picture from our bedroom balcony looking North. Beautiful isn't it?? What a way to start the day!

Whew! What a week! This week coming is going to be another busy week. My clinical group will be in Spokane, well, Medical Lake for the week for part of our clinical rotation. No creating for ME this weekend as I'll be getting packed and ready today to leave tomorrow after church to pick up the girls and head on over to Spokane!! I'm hoping to be able to get some creating done next weekend sometime.

The kids had a GREAT week at VBS. Samuel had GREAT FUN learning about God's word, making crafts and playing games. He also got a CD and has LOVED singing and doing the motions to the songs for me and Nikki had a great time helping out at VBS. She helped with games this year and REALLY seemed to have had a good time. I think she wasn't sure how she was going to like it at first so I'm glad she had fun!!

Until next time.....

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Just Because

One of the blogs that I visit daily is Dreams Come True ( I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with one of the cards posted right now, by Lori Craig. I just LOVE it!

Anyways, I have a stamp set by CTMH, it's one of the 'woodies' so you KNOW it's an old one and I can't figure out the name of it. I looked in the oldest catty I have (2003-2004) and I couldn't find it in there for the life of me. I looked twice so I don't know if I just missed it or if it's just NOT in there. So, if any of you know the name leave a comment and let me know, would ya?? I thought I could do something similar--eh! Her's is STILL WAY better BUT I suppose this would be fine for a quick 'Just Because' kind of card. It's not big (3.25"x 3.75")-so it would have to be a short note but...

I just stamped and embossed it REAL quick. I think I'll try again, maybe later today, and try and add a little something to it. (I couldn't find the cord to my mini sewing machine--I think it would definately look better with the stitching around the edges. I think I'll add the prisma glitter too-just for a little sparkle....)

Anyways-just thought I'd share.......................
(Colors used: cranberry cardstock, bamboo cardstock CTMH)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our little man

Here is the layout I did of Samuel (for my binder).

I used the Lazy Days of Summer paper pack (CTMH-retired). I've always liked this paper pack and had never used it. I thought it went well with these pics soooo--- I also used olive and Indian Corn Blue cardstock and stickease that went with Lazy Days of Summer.

Well, those are done! Now to finish up some homework for Monday!

Until next time........

3 Chickas

Nikki JUST shared this pic with me of her (front) and her 2 BEST friends. I just think it is the cutest picture of them so thought I'd share it here. They visit my blog every now and again and I'm sure they'll get a kick out of seeing themselves here.

My girl

I USUALLY make up a page for the front and back of my class binder-one of each of my 'babies'. Last quarter I didn't--just didn't make the time and I TRIED a different idea for storing my notes and all. I didn't like it half as much so I'm back to the 'ole tried and true.
As you can see, from ealier posts, I had been working on cards-NOT layouts as I'd originally planned this week. I was really struggling with it. I don't know why. I'm always afraid I'm not going to like it, or maybe I'd come up with a better idea later--I dunno...all kinds of different things that help me to procrastinate--it's that perfectionism in me!
Well, this morning I decided to JUST DO IT! Whether I hated it or loved it I decided I needed to do SOMETHING because ANYTHING would be better than that PLAIN 'OL WHITE cover.
I just picked up these papers yesterday at Walmart and decided to just use them. It's NOT that I NEEDED any more paper, God knows I don't. I even SAID I WASN'T going to buy anymore paper until I used up what I had. There is NO good reason for WHY I bought them but I did and I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out so I guess it's all good???
Moving right along...............

Here she is:
My girl....well, really I guess she's OUR girl but.....
This is our oldest-she took the picture herself and it's SUCH a cute smile! She often times tries TOO hard to smile giving her what her dad calls 'lizard lips'-No lizard lips here though!

Adorable Backgrounds (CTMH # D1200) with White Daisy Ink, Fresh Retro paper kit (Kurio), word art sticker by rhonna farrer enchanted, Kay-Girl Chipboard Stickers by me & my BIG ideas, flowers with brads by colorbok, white daisy organdy ribbon-CTMH

Joe just brought in the mail and my pictures arrived from Shutterfly so I'm off to make up Sammo's side!

I'll be back later to post it!

Until then.......Enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

and yet, there's MORE....

I used blush and chocolate for these-same stamp set (Blossom Blocks) but also used Friends Forever (CTMH B1122) and Faith, Hope, Charity (#C1266) can't see it though, I used it on the inside. They are SO simple and I'm using up scraps too!!

NOW to clean up this MESS I've created!!
Thanks for checking out my 'creations'!

Blossom Blocks cards

I've been hit with the card making 'bug'!!
The other night this color combo just popped into my head. I, of course, didn't 'come up' with it. I've obviously seen it before--it's ALL over the place--but I thought to myself I should do SOMETHING with it. This morning it dawned on me...that set..what is it?? The one I HAD to have when it first came out and then I got it and couldn't figure out WHAT to do with it?? Which one is it??? OH YEAH!! Blossom Blocks--that's right!! I dug it out, stamped it a few times and just thought...I just wasn't doin' it for me. Then I thought maybe if I heat emboss?? Liked it MUCH better!
SO these are what I came up with.....

They are pretty simple but these days I am REALLY into simple!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Until later.......

Fourth of July

There was NO creating for ME yesterday! :) We didn't really do much either.....just hung out and enjoyed each other. It was a NICE day! Me and the kids had a water fight with a friend of ours, Chris. It was Me and Samuel VS Nikki and Chris.....Joe was filling up our floatie thing for the water. We had water hoses, water balloons and those soaker toys-the ones you soak in water and then throw, and hope to hit each other with....oh, and Samuel had his Super Soaker (water gun) that everyone was trying to get. It was fun but I was SOAKED by the time we were done! Good time though! :)
A little later on we went down to the river (for any of you who don't know...we live on the Okanogan River). We'd gotten this big floatie thing at COSTCO some time ago waiting for summer to use it. We finally talked Joe into blowing it up and using it today. It was SO nice and relaxing. I could have stayed on it all day!! Joe trolled up and down the river--he was going to fish but the current is still pretty strong so we didn't stay down too too long. One of the outer parts (of the tube) was low on air-I thought it was from me!!-but it turns out there was a leak....not in the plastic but where you put the air in. Turns out it wasn't screwed in was crooked so the air was leaking out---so since I am the heaviest of me and the kids MY side wasn't as elevated as it could have been!! I didn't dip in the water but I was afraid to move much sometimes! Well, at least we found it so next time it should be even better!!

Here we are:

Joe tied a rope to a big tree and then tied us to the rope so we wouldn't end up only God know's where--somewhere down in Omak!! Anyways-we had fun and that's what matters!! Hopefully the current will die down a bit and we'll get to go out again sometime soon. Joe thinks the float might be better for the lake--no sticks and stuff to worry about it getting punctured on. Only thing is it's HUGE! I could blow it up with the air hose thing in my van but still, it'll take a long time! Joe blew it up with his air compressor yesterday and it took a while! Imagine that little one from my van. And it's SO GYNORMOUS-it won't FIT IN my car.

When we came back up, after unloading, we just hung out under and tree (me and Joe). It was a warm day but just sitting under the tree it was SO nice and relaxing. We gave both dogs (Jasmine & Fifi) a bath and watched them run around and play for a bit. It was just SO relaxing! We didn't end up going to see any fireworks. Originally we were. Surprisingly it was Joe's idea! But the later it got the more tired Joe got and he had to work later on so we just stayed home. It was just one of those lazy days-as much as we wanted to go out and do something noone wanted to get ready or get going. Sometimes its just nice being home too!

Turns out somewhere in town was putting off fireworks and we could see them right from our upstairs living room!! Samuel was the one who was most disgusted about not going to the fireworks so at least he got to see those. He went out on the deck for a bit and sat and watched them from out there too. They seemed like the never ending fireworks. I went to bed at about 11:15 and they were STILL going off!

That was our 4th!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More Cards...

I've been BUSY today! First baby cards and now tonight girly cards!!
I was paroosing the splitcoaststampers site quite a bit today. I read on someone else's blog how they are an 'equal opportunity stamper' or something like that and I liked that! That's ME! I am a Consultant with Close to my Heart BUT I'm not exclusive to. I'll buy a stamp from anyone if I like the stamp!! :) Before I'd even heard or knew about Close to my Heart I bought 95% of my stamps from Stampin'Up! so I have quite a few of their stamps too. One of the sets that I've had for quite some time and have NEVER used is Watercolor Garden. I've ALWAYS just LOVED this set. I even bought 'Twinkling H2O's a few years ago because I just KNEW they would work so beautifully together--haven't opened the Twinkling H2O's yet either!!! One day.........
Something else I found from looking around today, SplitCoastStampers and different blogs, was other ladies talking about a challenge they'd participated in where they got a stamp set out that they hadn't used in years and I thought...hmmmm, GOOD IDEA! SO, I pulled out 4 different SU sets that I had either NEVER used or hadn't used in a LONG time. So far I've only used Watercolor Garden and I'm getting sleepy already but I'm going to leave them out on my table and HOPE that MAYBE just maybe tomorrow I'll get to the others!
But, what did I do tonight?!
Well, here goes:

This first card was TOTALLY lifted from paperdoll stef on splitcoaststampers.

I used CTMH colors because that is what I have but the card idea is totally hers! I just LOVE it!!
I also used: Love Quotes (CTMH #1194)
LOVE that set!!!
Colors used: Buttercup, Sweet Leaf and Bamboo

Same card idea just different colors-

Colors: Cranberry, Buttercup and Sweet Leaf

Love Quotes again, cranberry gingham ribbon (CTMH) and some gold foil stuff I had in one of my drawers. I've never used it before and thought what they heck! So there it is!! :)

This next card--same SU set of course-

AND Because of You (CTMH #D1153).

Colors used are: Smokey Plum, Hollyhock, Buttercup and Sweet Leaf.

You can't tell real well but I put prisma glitter on the smokey plum flowers. In person it looks really pretty. Then in the centers of the other flowers I put buttercup seed beads (My Accents) and white organdy ribbon (CTMH).

My daughter LOVES this card!

Ooops!-almost forgot to mention--I got the idea for this card from CKidd (splitcoaststampers again!)

and last but NOT least...................

Stamps: Watercolor Gardens (SU) & Love Quotes (CTMH)

Colors: Buttercup, Cranberry and NE Ivy

Papers: B&T from the Lets Get Together Paper Pack

Cranberry Gingham ribbon (CTMH)

Idea from: sf 9erfan (yep! you guessed it! splitcoaststampers-told you I spent quite a bit of time there today!!) :)
Well, I think I'm done for tonight!
Check back tomorrow and see what I'm working on then. I NEED to get some scrapbook pages done really. We'll see....

The Last....

....of the Baby Boy Cards.......FINALLY!!!
If NOTHING else I have a nice little stash! :)

Joe's catch for the day

Joe went fishing EARLY this morning with his friend Matt on the Columbia River. NO, he didn't take Samuel-poor Sammo! Joe's been doing quite a BIT of fishing lately. I'm glad he's been going and having fun.
We used to go fishing a lot before we had the kids. Then life just got busy and we didn't go at all. So, I'm glad he's decided to take the time and just GO again.
Anyways, this is what he came home with today.
Two Triploids (that's the limit).
He's going to smoke 'em. Mmmmm!


Baby Boy card.
I told you I was on a roll!
I was just play'in around--trying to use up some of the paper I'd already stamped and cut....but I kinda like this one! :)
That's all for now...
I NEED to work on some Scrapbook Pages!

MORE Baby Boy Cards

So I'm on a streak.....

I decided to make up MORE Baby Boy Cards! Why not right? If I have the stamp sets, inks and papers out I may just as well do up MORE right??? It's what I decided anyways.

These are just a couple I made up this morning. I have to take Nikki to a Dr. appt here in a few minutes so I'm going to have to take a little break but when I get home................

whatcha! I'm going to be work'in on MORE!

Eh! I figure I'll have a little stash.
Now I guess I just need to hope for
LOTSA baby boys

this year! ;)

I got the inspiration from

( for BOTH
of these cards.

I love that site!

The only stamp set I added in these is: It's a Party!
(CTMH D1182-ANOTHER one of my all time FAVORITE stamp sets!!) everything else is the same.
I just LOVE those little baby feet!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Another Baby Boy card

Here's the last one I made....
I used the same paper pack, same colors
but this time I used the stamp set
Random Thoughts (CTMH #D1130)
I REALLY want to work on some more but
I have an Exam tomorrow morning and I
REALLY NEED to study for it.
Maybe I'll study for a bit and then come back
and work on another card? Maybe I'll use a different paper pack next time?
Until then.......

Babies, babies, babies...

One of the girls in my class is pregnant-Due July 10th.
We decided as a class to each get her a baby gift and put them all in a great BIG basket-kind of like a Baby Shower without the party! :) They're going to give it to her Monday before our exam.
I, of course, offered to make the card. So, this morning I'm working on cards. These are the first two I did....
Card #1:
I thought this one was kind of plain...
The card idea is SO lifted from splitcoaststampers but I just LOVED the simplicity of it.
so I decided to do another and add a little something to the background........

which leads me to....

Card #2:

...pretty much the same card, I just stamped in the background.
I used:
Stampsets: Cuddles & Tickles (SU-retired)
Adorable Backgrounds (CTMH #D1200)
Papers: Heavenly Blue Cardstock and Baby Boy Paper Packet
(retired), Key Lime Cardstock (all CTMH)
Ink: Heavenly Blue
White Daisy organdy ribbon and white brads (both CTMH)
I just feel like I COULD add a little something to it.....
any ideas??
We have church here in a little while-I have the boys in the tub now (Samuel had a friend over last night) so once we get back I'm going to work on another card or two.....I'll post when they're done! But leave a comment with any suggestions/ideas.

Until Later............