Saturday, July 28, 2007

What a surprise.....

here it is Saturday. Yet ANOTHER day gone and I've gotten NOWHERE as far as creating goes!! GRRRR! To make matters WORSE, I can't say I got much of ANYTHING done today!! The kids went to the pool with a friend, I came home and just hung out with Joe for a bit, made dinner, ordered some pictures from Shutterfly, checked and went through my 400+ emails and here we are at 9:06pm!!!

Not only that but about 5:00 this evening I started getting that back of the throat pain that lets you know within a few days you WILL have a cold!!!! UGH! I drank some airborne (ALL out of Emergen-C) and will drink another here in a few in HOPES it will ward off whatever this is I'm TRYING to get!!
I just thought I'd add this picture in......just thought it was kind of cool...I took it at a friends house last week and had forgotten about it until today when I was uploading those pics to shutterfly. I don't know what I'll ever do with it but I thought the branches of the trees were gnarley.
I don't know that I'll get anything done tomorrow as Sunday's are always a pretty busy day anyways- with church, packing for the week and getting as much time in with Joe and our kiddo's.
I've THOUGHT about packing stuff to bring with me while at the other house for the week but I haven't yet and for the next 2 weeks we're in clinicals so I'm pretty sure I won't have any extra time anyways. Oh well!! Maybe next weekend???
Until next time......

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