Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day (Part Three)

So here we's Valentine's Day! :)
Nikki HATES this 'holiday'. Probably because she doesn't have a Valentine???
I woke up this morning with a HORRIBLE shoulder/neck muscle pain. One of those ones that actually makes you feel sick to your stomach. So after I came home from church I rested on the sofa with a heat pack to my shoulder, some motrin and a little massage from my hunny! :)
Thanks to Erin, I made up these FUN Valentine's for our kids.

They are CUTE little coupon books made from (playing) cards. She actually found the idea at THIS blog.
You WILL have to scroll through to find the right post but she has some PRETTY COOL stuff to be found there!!!
Then I made this up real quick for Nik..... :)

It's just an inexpensive SS puffed heart I found along my 'travel's'. I thought of Nikki when I first saw it and thought Valentine's Day would be the PERFECT time to give it to her. Of course I am a little ADDICTED to making charms anymore, so YES, I added a little crystal to it too.
She LOVES it! :)
This was ONE of Joe's cards.......His Candy Card.....

AGAIN, BIG THANKS to Erin for the idea!!!! THAT GIRL ROCKS!!! I am SO BLESSED to be able to call her MY FRIEND!!! :)
I actually had a hard time finding a few of the candies and kind of improvised a little.....but he liked it. Especially the PS. :) (P.S. I'll show you my whoppers if you show me your whatchamacallit!!) :)
I made a lovely dinner tonight. Not really SPECIAL as I do make it every now and again but's something we ALL like! ...lasagna, toss green salad and gahhhlic bread. Mmmmm.
And then for 'dessert', these babies:

There was a little melted chocolate left over so Samuel and I dipped and dotted a few big pretzels. Mmmmmmm....

Okay! I'm off to watch The Time Traveler's Wife with my girl!!! I hope you ALL enjoyed your Valentine's Day as much as WE DID!!!!
Until next time.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day (Part Two)

Another Valentine's Day card:

And this is a book/card I made for Joe. First time using my Bind it All and I'm thinking this puppy will be getting more use now. Makes me wish I'd pulled it out before now! :)
The paper used was a cardstock sheet by Fancy Pants that I picked up from CW. It had 11 or so 'card fronts'. I just cut them out and embellished a little. Ribbon and buttons were just stuff/scraps I had laying around that I was HAPPY to be able to use up!!

I'm hoping to run down to Omak sometime today to pick up a few things I would like to pick up in order to finish up Nikki and Samuel's Valentine's and another little something I have in mind for Joe (Thanks Erin!!!).
I hope to be back later!!!

Valentine's Day (Part One)

I found this paper/card fronts at Craft Warehouse the last time I was there because I LOVE them but ALSO because they looked like something I could 'whip' together REAL quick!!
I ONLY JUST cut them tonight., I'm a little behind. :)
This card will be sent to my Mom & Dad.

These are just some SIMPLE little treats I put together for the 1st Grade class I subbed for, for 6 days in January. I saw the idea in a crafting magazine and thought it was easy enough and cute at the same time!! :) The procrastinator that I am.......I literally put them together in ONE HOUR today. I decided I wasn't going to make them very fancy because they're 6&7 year old kids for goodness sake. All the care about is the lollipop inside! :)

I'm STILL busy trying to get this scraproom/studio of mine organized and together. It's coming along......slowly but surely! HUGE THANKS to my sweet friend Erin for ALL of her help, inspiration and encouragement!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm going to a retreat the end of February, Creative University, aka CU, put on by Tresa Black. If you're a paper crafter chances are you KNOW who Tresa Black is, her artwork is in ALL KINDS of magazines!! :) And if you DON'T know who she is, you're missing out!!!! Check out her BLOG that you can find by simply clicking HERE. :)
Creative University is Tresa's 'baby' held at the Lutheran Church Camp (Lutherhaven) on Lake Coeur d'Alene. This will be my FIRST time attending and I am SO EXcITED!!!!
You can find MORE on Creative University HERE.
NOT ONLY am I able to attend Creative University this year and meet Tresa and ALL the other SUPER talented woman who are attending BUT my SWEET cyber friend Erin (who's blog you can see HERE) is flying up a few days early to meet up with ME!!! I am SO EXCITED to FINALLY meet in person!!! We'll enjoy a few FUN FILLED days together and then head out for CU!!! HOW LUCKY am I?!?!!?
This woman is TRULY like a separated at birth sister!!!! I've known WHO Erin is for years. We were both Consultants with CTMH so I've been aware of and seen her amazing creations for a LONG TIME now, AND her hubby's woodwork!! Does Stamper Storage ring a bell??? :)
Anyways, Erin and I had been chatting for a while when on Nov 1 she mentioned something about thinking about going to CU!! OH MY GOSH! I said, 'Let's DO IT!' So.....we registered and here we are........anxiously awaiting the end of the month.
Soooooooooooo............WHY am I 'sharing' all of this???
Well, one of the funnities (yes, I'm pretty sure I just MADE that word up...) of CU is the charm swap. Those who chose to participate make up a certain number of charms to swap with the other ladies. I REALLY wanted to participate because I KNEW if I didn't, I would be kicking myself. The biggest 'problem', I didn't have the FIRST clue of what to do to make a charm. ERIN was ALL OVER IT though!!! She directed me to some FABULOUS sites and jewlery making sites and now..........I've been bitten by the jewlery making bug.
Because I NEEDED ONE MORE creative outlet!!!?!?! :)
It is SO MUCH FUN though. I'm just a beginner and just playing around with stuff I have...well, I've bought a few new items but really, most of what I've been playing with is stuff I've had just hanging around. Intended for some OTHER project that just never got done!
So..........last night I was just playing around, I kinda wanted to try my hand at a bracelet similar to something Erin has done.....her's btw....BEAUTIFUL!!!
This is what I came up with:

This is for Nikki. :) She hasn't seen it IN PERSON yet, she had a Cheer Sleepover night last night but I sent a picture of it along with a text and she SAYS she loves it!! I can't WAIT to pick her up today so I can give it to her......AND see if it fits! :) (Easy adjustment if it doesn't!)
I also put together some earrings:
Right now, I think, these are my favorite...
So THAT is what I was up to last night!!! :)
I hope to have something more to share later on today or tomorrow.
The TRUTH of the matter is, I SHOULD be CLEANING this room AND preparing for CU!!!
Until next time..........

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bra's are like FRIENDS...

I 'whipped together' this card for a special friend today.....
I actually DID!!! I had another mostly put together, aside from the MAIN image, card ALL ready to use for this card but it just wasn't going together the way I wanted so I QUICKLY rummaged through my PURPLE paper drawer and whipped this one right up!
SO TRUST ME when I tell you, I KNOW, this is NOT the best photo BUT it was a do it NOW or NEVER type I went with it. I was already running late.
Stamps are Skipping Stones Design (I HEART this company!!!!)
Paper: They were SERIOUSLY scraps from my purple drawer.....
Ribbon from CW
Ink: Archival CTMH
and STICKLES, Ranger. You know I LOVE ME some sparkley!!!!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stamp set. I just can't EVEN begin to TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE this set!!! And I CAN'T WAIT to MAKE some time to put together MORE cards with it but chances are it won't be until after I return from CU! Just a reality! :)
Enjoy the rest of your week!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Like a fine wine we get better with age.........

This is the card I made for my friend Summer.
Her 30th Birthday was Monday.
Stamps used were Skipping Stone Design, misc paper, misc ribbon and baubles from stampingbella. The little stick pin is from some other project I had. What do you think of it?? I wasn't quite sure at first but it's kinda growing on me!! :)