Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day (Part One)

I found this paper/card fronts at Craft Warehouse the last time I was there because I LOVE them but ALSO because they looked like something I could 'whip' together REAL quick!!
I ONLY JUST cut them tonight., I'm a little behind. :)
This card will be sent to my Mom & Dad.

These are just some SIMPLE little treats I put together for the 1st Grade class I subbed for, for 6 days in January. I saw the idea in a crafting magazine and thought it was easy enough and cute at the same time!! :) The procrastinator that I am.......I literally put them together in ONE HOUR today. I decided I wasn't going to make them very fancy because they're 6&7 year old kids for goodness sake. All the care about is the lollipop inside! :)

I'm STILL busy trying to get this scraproom/studio of mine organized and together. It's coming along......slowly but surely! HUGE THANKS to my sweet friend Erin for ALL of her help, inspiration and encouragement!!!

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