Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day (Part Three)

So here we's Valentine's Day! :)
Nikki HATES this 'holiday'. Probably because she doesn't have a Valentine???
I woke up this morning with a HORRIBLE shoulder/neck muscle pain. One of those ones that actually makes you feel sick to your stomach. So after I came home from church I rested on the sofa with a heat pack to my shoulder, some motrin and a little massage from my hunny! :)
Thanks to Erin, I made up these FUN Valentine's for our kids.

They are CUTE little coupon books made from (playing) cards. She actually found the idea at THIS blog.
You WILL have to scroll through to find the right post but she has some PRETTY COOL stuff to be found there!!!
Then I made this up real quick for Nik..... :)

It's just an inexpensive SS puffed heart I found along my 'travel's'. I thought of Nikki when I first saw it and thought Valentine's Day would be the PERFECT time to give it to her. Of course I am a little ADDICTED to making charms anymore, so YES, I added a little crystal to it too.
She LOVES it! :)
This was ONE of Joe's cards.......His Candy Card.....

AGAIN, BIG THANKS to Erin for the idea!!!! THAT GIRL ROCKS!!! I am SO BLESSED to be able to call her MY FRIEND!!! :)
I actually had a hard time finding a few of the candies and kind of improvised a little.....but he liked it. Especially the PS. :) (P.S. I'll show you my whoppers if you show me your whatchamacallit!!) :)
I made a lovely dinner tonight. Not really SPECIAL as I do make it every now and again but's something we ALL like! ...lasagna, toss green salad and gahhhlic bread. Mmmmm.
And then for 'dessert', these babies:

There was a little melted chocolate left over so Samuel and I dipped and dotted a few big pretzels. Mmmmmmm....

Okay! I'm off to watch The Time Traveler's Wife with my girl!!! I hope you ALL enjoyed your Valentine's Day as much as WE DID!!!!
Until next time.....

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