Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My DEAR, SWEET friend Erin, who's blog you can find HERE
came over from Utah to spend a few days with us before we headed over to Lutherhaven in Idaho to spend the weekend at CU!!!!
(Creative University, in case you didn't know) :)
We had THE MOST AMAZING time!!! One can only EXPERIENCE CU to FULLY understand and appreciate the 'FABULOUSLY ARTSY' goodness it holds!!! :)
A quick pic of Erin and myself en route....

We HAD SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! I can not even EXPRESS into words what an AMAZING time was had by ALL! I, interestingly enough, didn't take many photos at ALL!!! WHAT??? I know..........but it's TRUE!!
This LOVELY bag was waiting for us when we arrived, filled with goodies
c/o Tresa.
I LOVE it!!!!
Here is it showing off one of the GORGEOUS charm sets I received, made by the lovely Donna Authenreith.
I don't have pics of ALL the GORGEOUS projects we worked on.........YET but I DO have a few! Allow me share what I DO have up.....

THIS is the sample of the canvas we did. Is it BEAUTIFUL OR WHAT????My flowers don't look quite as good as Denise's but..........still, I LOVE IT!

This next pic is of the necklace we did.....well, we made the pendant. :) Yes, that WOULD be a BIG 'ol NASTY FLY STUCK in the middle and YES! That WOULD in fact be MINE!!! UGH!!!
Bren, the amazing woman who taught us how to make this incredibly awesome pendant, was sweet enough to let me make another. I LOVE it and Nikki loves it!! She even wore it to school yesterday!!! No kidding! I haven't taken a picture of my NEW one yet.......
Some of you MAY remember my post about the charms I was preparing for the charm swap at CU......well, here is a picture of me and my roomies (hands) sprting our NEW charm bracelets!!
Now, THAT, my dear friends, is a CHARM BRACELET!! :) And OH MY GOSH!!!! The charms are GORGEOUS!!!! I'd LOVE to share my individual pics but that post would be FOREVER and a day LONG!!!!!
We also made some lovely watercolor cards. Mine aren't completely finished quite yet and a layout that I will be using for CU.
I ALSO NEED to take a pic or two of the GORGEOUS 'SPRING' banner, handiwork of Tresa herself, who btw, is AMAZING!!!!! She is SO much FUN!! I feel TRULY BLESSED to have had the opportunity to meet her. What a FABULOUSLY :) WONDERFUL woman!!


my cup of tea said...

Hi Stacey! It has been a year since we made our charms and I am just getting around to putting the charms on my bracelet! Your birds nest was my favorite so I came to check out your blog and there is the charm I made right here on your blog! LOL
Thank you for the shout out! Great picture too! Wow-thank you very much! I really would love to know how to make those nests with the cute blue eggs!

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