Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's ALL Nikki

I snagged some pictures of Nikki, so I thought I'd share them here.......

I especially like THIS one:
We don't have many, if any, pictures of just us.....and I was pleasantly shocked when she asked me this night if I would take a picture with her! WHAT?! My 14 year old, thinks mom is the BIGGEST DORK in the world, daughter wanted to take a picture with ME?!?!
I was ALL over it baby!!

This one is of her kissin' our friend Laz....well, he's Nikki's friend but he's REALLY a family friend...

I just LOVE how this picture looks...with her lit up and him not. I don't know HOW she did that!!

Nikki took this picture the day she left Texas. Now you KNOW that was a SAD day for her.......

Nikki 'Rockin' Out':

She went to her friend Emmy's house for the night and they dressed up, first as princesses (they didn't call it princesses, but that's what they looked like.......just beautiful girls!!) and then as 'rockers'.....

And this was just here at the house.........Nikles and her 'lil bro:

OBVIOUSLY they have more of their father's answer to prayer!!!
Half of the people tell me Samuel looks more like me, the other half say NO WAY! He looks JUST like Joe. I think it's the coloring that throws them off. I think Samuel looks more like me, aside from coloring of course, Nikki on the other hand, JUST like her Dad's side!!
It REALLY doesn't matter either way, just sayin'.
They're beautiful ANY way you look at it!!! :)
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Nikki is out selling "Tiger Cards' with a friend.........let me know if you're looking for one! LOL
Hopefully they'll be done SOON so I can go pick them up and come home to take a REAL nap.
Until next post.......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School 2008-2009

Well, here we are....first day of school 2008-2009 school year.
Do you know what THAT means???
That means, I am NOW the mother of a High Schooler.
Yes. It's true.
Last night we did the whole 'Open House' thing--met the teachers, saw parents of kid's friends that we haven't seen in a while etc, etc..........
I think Samuel likes his teacher and there will be a good mix of 'old' friends and 'new' to be made friends.
Nikki, well, she's Nikki---a teenager. I think she could have cared less if we even went, although she DID go back around with us when we went to meet all her new teachers. She's such a good student-she always has been. I just hope she keeps up the good grades this year.
Anyways, on to today...........
I ended up driving the kids this morning. Nikki hadn't brought her stuff with her to Volleyball practice yesterday......why would she...I didn't think of it either and then the Open House blended right into pick up time and I didn't think to bring her stuff with us. BUT before we headed out we OF COURSE got some First Day of School pics (I almost forgot!!!!--can you believe that?!)
They both wanted their pictures in different places which I just thought was kind of funny.......
Samuel knew RIGHT where he wanted to go. He tends to go to this tree. It IS a favorite especially in the Fall when the leaves are the most beautiful orange.....

These were ALL Samuel. I didn't tell him where to go, what to do, NOTHING!!

OF COURSE I HAD to get a close up of that face. HOW could I NOT???

This 'lil man just MAKES me smile. I've said it since he was born and it holds true to this very day (and I'm SURE for forever!!!) but he just brings my heart such COMPLETE, indescribable JOY!!

How do you EVEN pick just ONE????? :)

This one I did actually make him 'pose' for, only because when we first moved here I have pictures of him hanging on this very branch and he couldn't touch the ground with his feet so I wanted to be able to do a side by side for him and SHOW him how much he's grown.
Nikki, on the other hand, isn't always a willing participant:
She was a little 'pissy' this morning.
Why? You might ask....
because she's 14!
Oh Yeah,
It's an age FULL of FUN!!
mmmm, NOT!!!!
I was able to get a smile or two out of her but I had to be QUICK!!! LOL
Seriously, I WISH they'd send the REAL Nikki back for good!! She comes and goes. She'll show up for a little while and then POOF!! Without ANY warning, she's gone again and her imposter is back.
This is just a full length shot........
uh, err.....fuller?!
And then, of course, one with both of them. I DID get a couple with them with their arms around each other like they actually LIKE each other but the smiles seemed to be even MORE fake than these.........
Now, I can't wait to see how their days went!!
I work tonight so I won't see Nikki until tomorrow morning--she'll probably call me at work-- and I'll wake up from my afternoon slumber to see how Sammo's day went!!
Here's to a NEW school year!!!
Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Wedding Card

This is the card I made up for the wedding today......not too fancy I know but I like it just the same....

I had an opportunity to peak at the girls dresses the other I knew they were yellow with embossed polka dots....SO, I followed..I ran the yellow paper through one of my cuttlebug folders...can't remember the name of that folder right now....sorry. And I just LOVE that little MS punch!!!
This is what things looked like before anyone sat down. It was just SO pretty.

Here's the flower girl sprinkling her flowers.......

...and here she is later running!

I just LOVE this picture!!! :)
It just makes me smile........

The bride and her Dad.......

......and the cakes.

On my way home I had to feed my neighbors cat's. I had my camera so I shot some pics while I was there too!!

I like this picture so much that I put it on as my background. It almost looks fake doesn't it?!

....and then a white one...

Isn't this echinacea pretty? I got the COOLEST pic while I was at my mom's a few years I'm going to have to look for it!!!

OK-NOW, we're off to a BBQ!!!!Busy, busy days!! But FUN!!! :) ENJOY!

Wells Dam

Yesterday I had to pick up my car in Wenatchee---we had a BIG windstorm here a few weeks ago and my car was parked under one of those carports with the canopy overtop--well the wind blew it right into the drivers side. Really that damage wasn't THAT bad...a few little dents and a metal rub area on the back. BUT, it's, fairly, new!! We only just bought it in February. For a $100 deductible, I figured we'd have it taken care of........
Oh! And let me tell you---if you live anywhere in the area and EVER need any body work done to your car, truck, SUV, whatever.........First Choice Collission in Wenatchee on the Ave. OH MY GOSH!!!! AWESOME job, NICEST people in the world. VERY impressed!!! I hope to not have to use their services again :) but KNOW FOR SURE where I'll go if I do!!
I was also able to schedule orthodontist consults for both kids for the same day. I always TRY to 'kill two birds with one stone' and make more than ONE use out of the 2+ hour trip over.....
anyways...........Joe was going to drive me over so I could pick it up.
My friend Kim came up with a MUCH better idea...........
Her husband was going salmon fishing so she said how about drop Joe off (half way) to meet up with the guys to go salmon fishing. I'm pretty sure you can figure out already that Joe was all over THAT idea! :) He went, had a GREAT time and is now CONVINCED that he NEEDS a $50,000.00 fishing boat. HA! He didn't catch anything--except for maybe some sun--lol. Shane got one though--way to go Shane!!! But, Joe DID have FUN!!
Kim was nice enough to drive Joe's truck back to Well's Dam where we met up with the guys later in the day, fishless..........
Of course the kids wanted to get out while we were waiting so they played on this horkin' turbine:

So here's Nikki, on her oh, fourth attempt to run up the ...whatever you'd call that piece.....

Here's Salvador......
He ran RIGHT up to the top. I told him, Imagine having your skateboard?! I guess I probably shouldn't put ideas into his head.....

......and of course my little man........
He finally made it up....after a few the top. I don't think he ever made it up quite high enough to sit up at the top like Salvador but at least high enough to 'hang' for a

I've gotta say....I was a little tired, oh the last 45 minutes home......Keep in mind I'd worked the night before and had been up since 4:00pm Thursday.......When we got home, I unpacked the car and fell asleep on the sofa!!

Looks like Nikki will get braces after all. He said only a year, he can't guarantee but was pretty confident it wouldn't be much more than a year if at all. Of course all she's concerned about is NOT having them on for her Quincenera next year--Yes!!! She wants to have a Quincenera. And after being in Texas this year---well, it's only confirmed her thoughts!! UGH!! More money, more money, more money!! Anyways, would you believe, for a 'nominal fee', of course, they'll take the braces off and replace after the event?!?! Hmmm, the things they'll do these days! LOL
I'm off to a wedding this morning....I'm starting and finishing up the card as I post this......
I'll post the pic when I'm done.
Enjoy YOUR weekend!!!!!!
I KNOW I'll enjoy mine!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy 49 Years!

Amazing huh?!?!
Another card! Two in ONE week!!!
I LOVE IT!! I just hope I have MORE time this weekend to get some MORE creating done!!!

This card is for a couple who are celebrating their 49th year of marriage.
WHAT an inspiration huh?! All I kept thinking about really was a stamp I have from CTMH, 'You give me reason to believe'.
I TOTALLY lifted this card from a very talented lady's blog. Truely, I don't have time to go back and find it now but in the next few days I will be SURE to give credit where credit is due!!! I believe she used pearl-ex (?). I don't have any but I DO have some Brilliance Platinum Planet reinker. I just put it on a felt pad and swiped it over white cardstock. The embellishments were from one of those $1 finds from Target from last summer! FINALLY I was able to use it!
I think for a quick, last minute card that I had to whip together after I got home from working 12 hours and before I have to go BACK to work tonight it came out alright! :)
Today is my Friday and then I'm off for 5!! As per the 'norm' around here anymore, those 5 days are just about FULL of activities!
Enjoy the rest of your week and coming weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So this LOOKS innocent enough right????? It just looks like Joe and Salvador giving Fifi a haircut. Our neighbor, Lael, gave us this set of dog clippers. She had bought them, used them once on her much furrier than ours dog and decided she didn't like them so gave them to us.
Joe looked at it as a GREAT opportunity to clip Fifi (our Yorkie), who was, by the way, WAY over due for a haircut and save a few bucks.

It's all well good, I'm thinking, because it often times takes a while to get in to our groomer.
Poor Fifi--I'm pretty sure getting her hair 'done' ISN'T one of her favorite all time things to have done......
Yeah, well, it was all 'well and good' until Fifi came running in the house to find me and looked like THIS!!!!

Joe and Salvador say she's a 'Road Warrior Dog'.
I'm SO NOT kidding you!! And yes, after they shaved her and gave her a bath they put gel in her hair, uh, er...fur to make it stand up! Poor Fifi---yeah, like she could ALMOST care. She is so much cooler now she's probably THANKING them and wondering why they hadn't done it earlier UGH!! Oh well........It's ONLY hair---fur---it'll grow back! Let this be a lesson to you......don't leave 2 boys alone with dog clippers and a dog!!!
And here's me and Salvador.........
We'd all gone to a friends to hang out and dinner one night last week and when we got home he wanted to take a picture with me....
SO what if it was a goofy picture!!!
I was kind of bummed this morning because I was HOPING to post one of the pictures Nikki and I took together the day of her party. SHE actually asked ME to take a few pictures with her!! Talk about being able to be knocked over with a feather!!! I thought maybe she's posted them to her myspace account but nope...........not yet!!! I was hoping to just 'tag' it. I'll have to tell her to either post them to her myspace or email them to me or something!
I ALSO have a card to share......

This was made for one of the girls at work, Christina, for her birthday.
I LOVE this paper. I think I got it from Verve FOREVER ago!!! It was a quick card and I ALWAYS see things I'd do differently next time but......................... she liked it, so that's ALL that matters right?
Two more nights of work and then I'm off for a few. I just LOVE my nights off!! LOLOL---who doesn't right?! The crazy thing is, my days off are already pretty much planned for this next week!!
Well, that's all for today.......that Tylenol PM is kicking in and Samuel is asking for me to bring him some clothes..........he just got outof the shower! -Yeah, I don't know what THAT'S all about either!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Word Answers

YOU CAN ONLY TYPE ONE WORD! Not as easy as you might think. Change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers.

1. Where is your cell phone? car
2. Your significant other? Joe
3. Your hair? short
4. Your mother? Constance
5. Your father? Jonathan
6. Your favorite thing? God
7. Your dream last night? unmemorable
8. Your favorite drink? tea
9. Your dream/goal? happiness
10. The room you're in? studio
11. Your hobby? photography
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? satisfied
13. Where were you last night? home
14. What you're not? unhappy
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. One of your wish list items? time
17. Where you grew up? Connecticut
18. The last thing you did? ate
19. What are you wearing? clothes
20. Your TV? Sony
21. Your pets? dogs
22. Your computer? Dell
23. Your life? Blessed
24. Your mood? cheerful
25. Missing someone? sure
26. Your car? Acadia
27. Something you're not wearing? Shoes
28. Favorite store? craft
29. Your summer? hot
30. Do you love someone? YES
31. Your favorite color? browns
32. When is the last time you laughed? today
33. Last time you cried? dunno

I saw this on Pamela's blog and thought I'd give it a whirl........
Go ahead......
Give it a try!!

What a week!

I had hoped to get back up to Sherman and get some pics this week. I guess it wasn't to be.....I haven't made it there yet!!! :)
The Birthday lunch went well. The 'Birthday Girl' was surprised!! Yeaaa. It was nice to catch up.
Nikki's party was great. TONS of GOOD food. We STILL have leftovers after giving food away AND the kids (including 2 TEENAGE boys eating for 2 days!!!) We are very blessed. In so many different ways.
Thursday we recooperated. NO KIDDING. ALL DAY! We didn't do anything....well, I didn't do anything---I guess I DID take a nap outside on a blanket!! It was so warm and just a beautiful day. NICE. Joe went down to the river with the kids and did some fishing....they threw 'em all back but had some SERIOUS fun!! Joe even caught a few 'big ones'.
Friday I ran some errands--joe invited some friends over for dinner. He made his homemade enchiladas. Mmmm. They WERE delish. Mmmm. Not too hot, just right. Joe makes his enchiladas flat. Have you ever had them like that?? I'd never seen an enchilada much less a flat one before meeting Joe but that is the way his mom makes them, tex-mex style I guess. He also makes his own chile. Mmm Mmm good. One of the local grocery stores had strawberries (in a flat) for $6.99--so I bought two and made strawberry shortcake for dessert. Mmm. I had a hard time keeping the kids out of the berries. They were delicious too!!
That brings us to Sat.............
I brought Nikki and her friend Laz down to Walmart for a fundraiser car wash they were participating in. Some of the kids in her class are going on a trip to Washington DC next summer. It's through World Strides. Anyone out there ever have their kids go on this trip? It sounds like it's going to be a good time. Anyways, I dropped them off down there and then came back up to meet a friend at the Garlic Festival. They have it every year here where we live. Let me share some pics and show you what we did.......

We watched the Belly Dancers..............
I teased my friend and her mom that WE should learn how to belly dance. LOL
It's actually a GREAT work out. I have another friend who was going to the classes for a while. Only thing is my husband would only let me dance for him!!!
We walked around to the different vendors to see what was there....when the kids came to this!:
YUP! Those are dung beetles and YES! They are racing. LOL
Here's an up close and personal pic of Lucky #7, who wasn't so lucky while we were there.....
Some other little kid tried to get me to hold one or even just touch one while we were there.....uhhhh, NO THANKS!
It was SO hot yesterday...103-105--in the shade at the festival it wasn't SO bad but when we left.........UGH! So the kids and a few friends went down to the river. The boys have really been getting into fishing lately so they went down to try their luck. Well, they only got lucky times one today!!
But hey! It was better than those little 3-4 inchers they were catching the day before!!!
We were all excited about going to Tito's soccer game later in the evening but it was cancelled. :(
So they were Wii potatoes until they left for the movie. I think I was already sleeping by the time they got back. I was a tired girl yesterday!! I don't even know how they liked the movie!! LOL
It's gonna be time for church here in a bit so I guess I'll go get ready. I just LOVE going to early church!!
I hope you enjoy your Sunday!!! I only have a few more days until I head back to work so I'm going to make the MOST of them!!! I was SURE hoping to get some creating done this week but it just hasn't happened. Tomorrow morning I head over to Wenatchee for a bit so I don't imagine I'll get much creating in tomorrow either........maybe I'll come home with a few new stamps though????? -Unfortunately, anymore it seems just to add to 'the collection'! UGH!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Before it gets too busy.......

I wanted to post a card!!
I whipped together a card this morning.
A handful of us, or so, are going to meet today for a birthday lunch to celebrate another year for a special friend. When I woke up yesterday I already had in my mind what paper I wanted to use for her Birthday was just finding the TIME to be able to sit down and put it together. I didn't get a chance to get to it yesterday so when I woke up this morning I decided I'd BETTER get to working on it NOW as today is going to be another busy day---uh, not to mention the Birthday lunch is TODAY!!

Anyways, here it is.....
The paper is by chatterbox and I've had it FOREVER. Really, originally, I was going to use the 'Violet Dahlias' paper (the one behind the cupcake) but as things went.....well, I didn't. I thought I'd maybe make up another but it's getting to where I NEED to get other things done and really don't have time. Just ANOTHER reason WHY I NEED to just sit down and make up a BUNCH of cards to have on hand for times like these when I just don't have the time to sit and play. Luckily for me I made up the cake yesterday. It's really a simple cake. An all time favorite, of mine anyways, that I got from my mom. I take an angel food cake hollow it out stuff it with ice cream of your liking (sorbet or sherbert or whatever you like work just as well)--the middle too!! Cover in whipped topping and freeze. Of course you can drizzle just about anything over it, if you like, cover it in sprinkles, toffee pieces whatever.......... This friend watches her sugar so I used Dreyers Triple Chocolate sugar free ice cream (1/2 the fat too!!) and Cool Whip Light. I'm going to just top it with some fresh flowers to prettify it a little and we'll be good to go!!
Today is ALSO the BBQ for Nikki so I have to finish up with that stuff too. WHY do I ALWAYS plan SO many things in ONE day??? Keeps me on my toes. :) I think I like the RUSH!!! :)
I'll post more pics---probably tomorrow. AND now that I'm feeling the card creating bug nibbling HOPEFULLY I'll have more creations to share too!!!
Enjoy the rest of YOUR day--I KNOW I will!!!!
Smiles always,

Monday, August 11, 2008

She's baaaaackkkk!!

Saturday morning after I got home from work and packed we left for Spokane to pick up Nikki!!!!!
We made the mistake of leaving a little later in the morning but having JUST enough time to pick her up. Why was it a mistake?? Because the Blue Angel's were in Spokane this weekend!!
Maybe it goes back to my Navy days and all the Air Shows I HAD to go to way back when (I spent most of my 4 Navy years at Air Bases) but I LOVE watching the Blue Angels.
We didn't have time to pull over and really watch but I did snap a few pics from the car.... moving......UGH! This is the only one that looks 'alright' so small.
I was kinda bummed that we couldn't pull over and watch for a while but.......we HAD to get my baby!!!! :)

We got to the airport early...only by about 20 minutes or so--Joe checked the monitor and guess what?! Her plane had already landed!!! WOOHOO!! Just as soon as Joe told us, his phone rang....yup! It was her!!
She hasn't seen us yet..........

....and LOOK!! NOT off the plane for 10 minutes yet and she's ALREADY on the phone.....and this WASN'T with us!!! UGH!!!

She see's us.........or Sammo....
That's his head there in the lower left hand corner. He was 'sneaking' up on her....until she turned and saw him first!!

And they hug...........

He is SO happy to have her back. This is the first time they've EVER been apart for so long and he COULDN'T wait for her to return!!!

OF COURSE we can't go to Spokane and not do some shopping so Nikki and I spent the rest of the day and evening shopping!! The boys went to Wingers---Joe found some 'new' beer he liked and the boys, Sammo and Salvador had fun doing whatever they were doing. The stories they told of their evening and their waiter.....LOL--THAT'S another story-----
We made a few more stops on Sunday--found a GREAT Mexican shop with AWESOME meats and the MOST scrumptious tortas (so much for WW this week. It's alright though because it was TOTALLY worth it!!!).
Weighted down with ALL our purchases from the day before PLUS the overflowing COSTCO cart, we were on our way.........I don't know how Joe does it but he ALWAYS manages to get EVERYTHING packed in. Goes back to HIS Navy days I guess. :)
Anyways, we came home over Sherman Pass-MY FAVORITE way to go to Spokane from here. It's just BEAUTIFUL.
I always think I'm going to stop and get pics and we never behind us or bad corner...whatever. Well, we stopped for a potty break so I snapped a few.......
I caught a few of a bumble bee filling up on sweets........

....and from the back....LOL

Joe snapped this pic of Nikki while I was in the restroom. She was so tired.........

Look at her laying on that nice warm rock soaking up ALL the heat it had absorbed during the day.

And here's Salvador........not the best picture I know--I have a better one of him on the rock but ALL you see is HIM and THE ROCK. I just love the look of the rock AND the trees in the background.

I told Joe, I'd like to take the kids sometime this week and drive back up Sherman in hopes of some good pics. We'll see if we get to it. I'm off until the 19th or so--it seemed like a long time at first but it isn't seeming so long now. It's alright though because whatever we get to we get to. Nikki is back and we just want to enjoy time together with her. :)

And here's my 'little man'. I didn't take many pics of him on this trip-as a matter of fact, this is about the only pic I have of him. :( -well, aside from him and Nikki hugging at the airport....
He picked out a few new sweatshirts this trip 'for school' but OF COURSE he had to try 'em out. He actually is my sweatshirt kid-85% of the time he's got some type of sweatshirt on. He's SO DARNED skinny--maybe he just doesn't have enough fat to keep himself warm?!
Well, we have a BUSY week ahead of us....we're having a little BBQ for Nikki on Wed with a few of her closer friends and their families. It's gonna kind of be a 'Welcome Home' party for Nikki but a relax and enjoy our friends time for us too!!! We're ALL looking forward to it! I'll be sure and post some pictures later on in the week.
I'm HOPING to get some creating done while I'm off too. It's been SO LONG since I've REALLY done anything. I have SO MANY ideas just RUNNING through my mind just no time to tackle any of it.
Enjoy your day!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pics for yesterday from the day before....

teeheehee---a little confusing was I?? :) -What a surprise, some might say... I never DID get back up here to post pics last night. Busy, busy we were--not bad busy just busy doing other things..............together :) That's the BEST kind of busy to me!! And I got to visit with my DEAR friend Sandra last night. (Hi Sandra!!!! {wave}). Thanks for being YOU!! You're SUCH an inspiration, encouragement and GREAT FRIEND!!!! I'm SO blessed to have you in my life. THANKS for being YOU!!!
Well Yippee! for me!! My FIRST WW week I lost 4.6 pounds!! I can be happy with that!!! :) I don't EXPECT for this week to be THAT good but I'll be happy with ANY loss! We'll see.
I'm ALL about NEW recipes. I LOVE trying GOOD, new recipes. I'm thinking I'm going to make up a binder of GOOD WW recipes. They don't have to BE 'WW' necessarily--just recipes that are already pointed out-or at LEAST have nutritional info so I can point them out. I have some recipe inserts but just haven't found the RIGHT binder yet.........BUT...........I just had a fabulous idea. Keep your eyes posted in the next few months to see what I'm thinking about......
Thing is with me I like the recipes with minimal ingredients--(I LOVE those WW 5 ingredient magazine cookbooks-so far the recipes we've made have been GOOD too!!!)--I'm not so crazy about the ones with a bajillion ingredients so much...I get tired just reading the recipe much less measuring it ALL out.
Anyways,Feel free to share. :) Recipes, snack ideas, LOW POINT snack ideas etc, etc....speaking of.........I bought some jello, cappuccino or something.....not so great-or I didn't think so....once you get to the chocolate it's alright but the top--pleck-not so much.
We went to a friend's house the other day--just to hang out and enjoy. We ended up staying for dinner and LOOK at what we saw:

I KNOW the picture is was already dusk and I had my camera set to action in case he took off, which he did before too long and I haven't taken the time to adjust them yet--but you get the jist!! Nice one!

Well, after he took off we went looking............we went up and back and around....well, we rounded the corner, barely looked behind us and LOOK in the barn....

I know this picture is SUPER dark too and then with it being smaller........

but if you look to the far right, you can BARELY make out the silhouette of ANOTHER deer. They were ALL over the place!!!!
Searching STILL for 'the big one' we came across these guys munchin' on some hay:

For a quick second we THOUGHT this guy WAS the big one. He's not. As this guy took off 'the big one' reappeared.

The funny thing about this was while I was snapping pics of this guy I noticed the other set of horns behind the hay roll (to the right). There was yet ANOTHER!!! He was kinda funny another shot I have him barely peering over the hay. TOO funny.
It was a fun evening that's for sure. I kinda got into the whole 'tracking' -- for pictures anyways!!!!

Sunday morning after church I went back out and about for more pics. It was a BEAUTIFUL day--Beautiful, clear, blue skies---fresh---not too hot--just perfect...

I took HUNDREDS of pictures this day. It was just SUCH a gorgeous day and I was just surrounded with beauty.
This is the Okanogan River. The picture is small, I know, but really, it is just a beautiful site.
I have NO idea what this is but LOOK at the THORNS on this puppy!!!
The night before Samuel had flip-flops on and didn't know but stepped on one. It went RIGHT THROUGH the flip-flop. Luckily for him it was at the end and it didn't go through his foot. OUCH!!!
Another of the Okanogan.
Just beautiful.
My 'lil man walking and balancing on the RR tracks. I really got some cute pics of him this day. I can't wait to have them developed!
Apples on the tree.................
Look at 'em all!!!
YES! I DO have more photos to share BUT Joes just walked in the door so I'll have to try to MAKE time to post them later!!!!
Enjoy your day!!!