Monday, August 11, 2008

She's baaaaackkkk!!

Saturday morning after I got home from work and packed we left for Spokane to pick up Nikki!!!!!
We made the mistake of leaving a little later in the morning but having JUST enough time to pick her up. Why was it a mistake?? Because the Blue Angel's were in Spokane this weekend!!
Maybe it goes back to my Navy days and all the Air Shows I HAD to go to way back when (I spent most of my 4 Navy years at Air Bases) but I LOVE watching the Blue Angels.
We didn't have time to pull over and really watch but I did snap a few pics from the car.... moving......UGH! This is the only one that looks 'alright' so small.
I was kinda bummed that we couldn't pull over and watch for a while but.......we HAD to get my baby!!!! :)

We got to the airport early...only by about 20 minutes or so--Joe checked the monitor and guess what?! Her plane had already landed!!! WOOHOO!! Just as soon as Joe told us, his phone rang....yup! It was her!!
She hasn't seen us yet..........

....and LOOK!! NOT off the plane for 10 minutes yet and she's ALREADY on the phone.....and this WASN'T with us!!! UGH!!!

She see's us.........or Sammo....
That's his head there in the lower left hand corner. He was 'sneaking' up on her....until she turned and saw him first!!

And they hug...........

He is SO happy to have her back. This is the first time they've EVER been apart for so long and he COULDN'T wait for her to return!!!

OF COURSE we can't go to Spokane and not do some shopping so Nikki and I spent the rest of the day and evening shopping!! The boys went to Wingers---Joe found some 'new' beer he liked and the boys, Sammo and Salvador had fun doing whatever they were doing. The stories they told of their evening and their waiter.....LOL--THAT'S another story-----
We made a few more stops on Sunday--found a GREAT Mexican shop with AWESOME meats and the MOST scrumptious tortas (so much for WW this week. It's alright though because it was TOTALLY worth it!!!).
Weighted down with ALL our purchases from the day before PLUS the overflowing COSTCO cart, we were on our way.........I don't know how Joe does it but he ALWAYS manages to get EVERYTHING packed in. Goes back to HIS Navy days I guess. :)
Anyways, we came home over Sherman Pass-MY FAVORITE way to go to Spokane from here. It's just BEAUTIFUL.
I always think I'm going to stop and get pics and we never behind us or bad corner...whatever. Well, we stopped for a potty break so I snapped a few.......
I caught a few of a bumble bee filling up on sweets........

....and from the back....LOL

Joe snapped this pic of Nikki while I was in the restroom. She was so tired.........

Look at her laying on that nice warm rock soaking up ALL the heat it had absorbed during the day.

And here's Salvador........not the best picture I know--I have a better one of him on the rock but ALL you see is HIM and THE ROCK. I just love the look of the rock AND the trees in the background.

I told Joe, I'd like to take the kids sometime this week and drive back up Sherman in hopes of some good pics. We'll see if we get to it. I'm off until the 19th or so--it seemed like a long time at first but it isn't seeming so long now. It's alright though because whatever we get to we get to. Nikki is back and we just want to enjoy time together with her. :)

And here's my 'little man'. I didn't take many pics of him on this trip-as a matter of fact, this is about the only pic I have of him. :( -well, aside from him and Nikki hugging at the airport....
He picked out a few new sweatshirts this trip 'for school' but OF COURSE he had to try 'em out. He actually is my sweatshirt kid-85% of the time he's got some type of sweatshirt on. He's SO DARNED skinny--maybe he just doesn't have enough fat to keep himself warm?!
Well, we have a BUSY week ahead of us....we're having a little BBQ for Nikki on Wed with a few of her closer friends and their families. It's gonna kind of be a 'Welcome Home' party for Nikki but a relax and enjoy our friends time for us too!!! We're ALL looking forward to it! I'll be sure and post some pictures later on in the week.
I'm HOPING to get some creating done while I'm off too. It's been SO LONG since I've REALLY done anything. I have SO MANY ideas just RUNNING through my mind just no time to tackle any of it.
Enjoy your day!!!

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Anonymous said...

glad your girl is back! Sherman is our favorite way to go...people are surprized that isn't any further than "over the prarie"