Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Before it gets too busy.......

I wanted to post a card!!
I whipped together a card this morning.
A handful of us, or so, are going to meet today for a birthday lunch to celebrate another year for a special friend. When I woke up yesterday I already had in my mind what paper I wanted to use for her Birthday was just finding the TIME to be able to sit down and put it together. I didn't get a chance to get to it yesterday so when I woke up this morning I decided I'd BETTER get to working on it NOW as today is going to be another busy day---uh, not to mention the Birthday lunch is TODAY!!

Anyways, here it is.....
The paper is by chatterbox and I've had it FOREVER. Really, originally, I was going to use the 'Violet Dahlias' paper (the one behind the cupcake) but as things went.....well, I didn't. I thought I'd maybe make up another but it's getting to where I NEED to get other things done and really don't have time. Just ANOTHER reason WHY I NEED to just sit down and make up a BUNCH of cards to have on hand for times like these when I just don't have the time to sit and play. Luckily for me I made up the cake yesterday. It's really a simple cake. An all time favorite, of mine anyways, that I got from my mom. I take an angel food cake hollow it out stuff it with ice cream of your liking (sorbet or sherbert or whatever you like work just as well)--the middle too!! Cover in whipped topping and freeze. Of course you can drizzle just about anything over it, if you like, cover it in sprinkles, toffee pieces whatever.......... This friend watches her sugar so I used Dreyers Triple Chocolate sugar free ice cream (1/2 the fat too!!) and Cool Whip Light. I'm going to just top it with some fresh flowers to prettify it a little and we'll be good to go!!
Today is ALSO the BBQ for Nikki so I have to finish up with that stuff too. WHY do I ALWAYS plan SO many things in ONE day??? Keeps me on my toes. :) I think I like the RUSH!!! :)
I'll post more pics---probably tomorrow. AND now that I'm feeling the card creating bug nibbling HOPEFULLY I'll have more creations to share too!!!
Enjoy the rest of YOUR day--I KNOW I will!!!!
Smiles always,

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