Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School 2008-2009

Well, here we are....first day of school 2008-2009 school year.
Do you know what THAT means???
That means, I am NOW the mother of a High Schooler.
Yes. It's true.
Last night we did the whole 'Open House' thing--met the teachers, saw parents of kid's friends that we haven't seen in a while etc, etc..........
I think Samuel likes his teacher and there will be a good mix of 'old' friends and 'new' to be made friends.
Nikki, well, she's Nikki---a teenager. I think she could have cared less if we even went, although she DID go back around with us when we went to meet all her new teachers. She's such a good student-she always has been. I just hope she keeps up the good grades this year.
Anyways, on to today...........
I ended up driving the kids this morning. Nikki hadn't brought her stuff with her to Volleyball practice yesterday......why would she...I didn't think of it either and then the Open House blended right into pick up time and I didn't think to bring her stuff with us. BUT before we headed out we OF COURSE got some First Day of School pics (I almost forgot!!!!--can you believe that?!)
They both wanted their pictures in different places which I just thought was kind of funny.......
Samuel knew RIGHT where he wanted to go. He tends to go to this tree. It IS a favorite especially in the Fall when the leaves are the most beautiful orange.....

These were ALL Samuel. I didn't tell him where to go, what to do, NOTHING!!

OF COURSE I HAD to get a close up of that face. HOW could I NOT???

This 'lil man just MAKES me smile. I've said it since he was born and it holds true to this very day (and I'm SURE for forever!!!) but he just brings my heart such COMPLETE, indescribable JOY!!

How do you EVEN pick just ONE????? :)

This one I did actually make him 'pose' for, only because when we first moved here I have pictures of him hanging on this very branch and he couldn't touch the ground with his feet so I wanted to be able to do a side by side for him and SHOW him how much he's grown.
Nikki, on the other hand, isn't always a willing participant:
She was a little 'pissy' this morning.
Why? You might ask....
because she's 14!
Oh Yeah,
It's an age FULL of FUN!!
mmmm, NOT!!!!
I was able to get a smile or two out of her but I had to be QUICK!!! LOL
Seriously, I WISH they'd send the REAL Nikki back for good!! She comes and goes. She'll show up for a little while and then POOF!! Without ANY warning, she's gone again and her imposter is back.
This is just a full length shot........
uh, err.....fuller?!
And then, of course, one with both of them. I DID get a couple with them with their arms around each other like they actually LIKE each other but the smiles seemed to be even MORE fake than these.........
Now, I can't wait to see how their days went!!
I work tonight so I won't see Nikki until tomorrow morning--she'll probably call me at work-- and I'll wake up from my afternoon slumber to see how Sammo's day went!!
Here's to a NEW school year!!!
Enjoy the rest of your week!!

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