Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's ALL Nikki

I snagged some pictures of Nikki, so I thought I'd share them here.......

I especially like THIS one:
We don't have many, if any, pictures of just us.....and I was pleasantly shocked when she asked me this night if I would take a picture with her! WHAT?! My 14 year old, thinks mom is the BIGGEST DORK in the world, daughter wanted to take a picture with ME?!?!
I was ALL over it baby!!

This one is of her kissin' our friend Laz....well, he's Nikki's friend but he's REALLY a family friend...

I just LOVE how this picture looks...with her lit up and him not. I don't know HOW she did that!!

Nikki took this picture the day she left Texas. Now you KNOW that was a SAD day for her.......

Nikki 'Rockin' Out':

She went to her friend Emmy's house for the night and they dressed up, first as princesses (they didn't call it princesses, but that's what they looked like.......just beautiful girls!!) and then as 'rockers'.....

And this was just here at the house.........Nikles and her 'lil bro:

OBVIOUSLY they have more of their father's answer to prayer!!!
Half of the people tell me Samuel looks more like me, the other half say NO WAY! He looks JUST like Joe. I think it's the coloring that throws them off. I think Samuel looks more like me, aside from coloring of course, Nikki on the other hand, JUST like her Dad's side!!
It REALLY doesn't matter either way, just sayin'.
They're beautiful ANY way you look at it!!! :)
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Nikki is out selling "Tiger Cards' with a friend.........let me know if you're looking for one! LOL
Hopefully they'll be done SOON so I can go pick them up and come home to take a REAL nap.
Until next post.......

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