Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pics for yesterday from the day before....

teeheehee---a little confusing was I?? :) -What a surprise, some might say... I never DID get back up here to post pics last night. Busy, busy we were--not bad busy just busy doing other things..............together :) That's the BEST kind of busy to me!! And I got to visit with my DEAR friend Sandra last night. (Hi Sandra!!!! {wave}). Thanks for being YOU!! You're SUCH an inspiration, encouragement and GREAT FRIEND!!!! I'm SO blessed to have you in my life. THANKS for being YOU!!!
Well Yippee! for me!! My FIRST WW week I lost 4.6 pounds!! I can be happy with that!!! :) I don't EXPECT for this week to be THAT good but I'll be happy with ANY loss! We'll see.
I'm ALL about NEW recipes. I LOVE trying GOOD, new recipes. I'm thinking I'm going to make up a binder of GOOD WW recipes. They don't have to BE 'WW' necessarily--just recipes that are already pointed out-or at LEAST have nutritional info so I can point them out. I have some recipe inserts but just haven't found the RIGHT binder yet.........BUT...........I just had a fabulous idea. Keep your eyes posted in the next few months to see what I'm thinking about......
Thing is with me I like the recipes with minimal ingredients--(I LOVE those WW 5 ingredient magazine cookbooks-so far the recipes we've made have been GOOD too!!!)--I'm not so crazy about the ones with a bajillion ingredients so much...I get tired just reading the recipe much less measuring it ALL out.
Anyways,Feel free to share. :) Recipes, snack ideas, LOW POINT snack ideas etc, etc....speaking of.........I bought some jello, cappuccino or something.....not so great-or I didn't think so....once you get to the chocolate it's alright but the top--pleck-not so much.
We went to a friend's house the other day--just to hang out and enjoy. We ended up staying for dinner and LOOK at what we saw:

I KNOW the picture is dark.......it was already dusk and I had my camera set to action in case he took off, which he did before too long and I haven't taken the time to adjust them yet--but you get the jist!! Nice one!

Well, after he took off we went looking............we went up and back and around....well, we rounded the corner, barely looked behind us and LOOK in the barn....

I know this picture is SUPER dark too and then with it being smaller........

but if you look to the far right, you can BARELY make out the silhouette of ANOTHER deer. They were ALL over the place!!!!
Searching STILL for 'the big one' we came across these guys munchin' on some hay:

For a quick second we THOUGHT this guy WAS the big one. He's not. As this guy took off 'the big one' reappeared.

The funny thing about this was while I was snapping pics of this guy I noticed the other set of horns behind the hay roll (to the right). There was yet ANOTHER!!! He was kinda funny too....in another shot I have him barely peering over the hay. TOO funny.
It was a fun evening that's for sure. I kinda got into the whole 'tracking' -- for pictures anyways!!!!

Sunday morning after church I went back out and about for more pics. It was a BEAUTIFUL day--Beautiful, clear, blue skies---fresh---not too hot--just perfect...

I took HUNDREDS of pictures this day. It was just SUCH a gorgeous day and I was just surrounded with beauty.
This is the Okanogan River. The picture is small, I know, but really, it is just a beautiful site.
I have NO idea what this is but LOOK at the THORNS on this puppy!!!
The night before Samuel had flip-flops on and didn't know but stepped on one. It went RIGHT THROUGH the flip-flop. Luckily for him it was at the end and it didn't go through his foot. OUCH!!!
Another of the Okanogan.
Just beautiful.
My 'lil man walking and balancing on the RR tracks. I really got some cute pics of him this day. I can't wait to have them developed!
Apples on the tree.................
Look at 'em all!!!
YES! I DO have more photos to share BUT Joes just walked in the door so I'll have to try to MAKE time to post them later!!!!
Enjoy your day!!!


Anonymous said...

nice buck, does Joe hunt? Great pictures of the river!

Elaine said...


This ia s GREAT website/blog for recipes for WW! I really should use it more for myself! There are TONS of lists of foods by points and restaurants. Granted its based in AZ, but there are many places that are nationwide! I bet you will fall in love with this blog!! OK? TRUST ME other queenie!! :) ehhehe
Love, E