Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a week!

I had hoped to get back up to Sherman and get some pics this week. I guess it wasn't to be.....I haven't made it there yet!!! :)
The Birthday lunch went well. The 'Birthday Girl' was surprised!! Yeaaa. It was nice to catch up.
Nikki's party was great. TONS of GOOD food. We STILL have leftovers after giving food away AND the kids (including 2 TEENAGE boys eating for 2 days!!!) We are very blessed. In so many different ways.
Thursday we recooperated. NO KIDDING. ALL DAY! We didn't do anything....well, I didn't do anything---I guess I DID take a nap outside on a blanket!! It was so warm and just a beautiful day. NICE. Joe went down to the river with the kids and did some fishing....they threw 'em all back but had some SERIOUS fun!! Joe even caught a few 'big ones'.
Friday I ran some errands--joe invited some friends over for dinner. He made his homemade enchiladas. Mmmm. They WERE delish. Mmmm. Not too hot, just right. Joe makes his enchiladas flat. Have you ever had them like that?? I'd never seen an enchilada much less a flat one before meeting Joe but that is the way his mom makes them, tex-mex style I guess. He also makes his own chile. Mmm Mmm good. One of the local grocery stores had strawberries (in a flat) for $6.99--so I bought two and made strawberry shortcake for dessert. Mmm. I had a hard time keeping the kids out of the berries. They were delicious too!!
That brings us to Sat.............
I brought Nikki and her friend Laz down to Walmart for a fundraiser car wash they were participating in. Some of the kids in her class are going on a trip to Washington DC next summer. It's through World Strides. Anyone out there ever have their kids go on this trip? It sounds like it's going to be a good time. Anyways, I dropped them off down there and then came back up to meet a friend at the Garlic Festival. They have it every year here where we live. Let me share some pics and show you what we did.......

We watched the Belly Dancers..............
I teased my friend and her mom that WE should learn how to belly dance. LOL
It's actually a GREAT work out. I have another friend who was going to the classes for a while. Only thing is my husband would only let me dance for him!!!
We walked around to the different vendors to see what was there....when the kids came to this!:
YUP! Those are dung beetles and YES! They are racing. LOL
Here's an up close and personal pic of Lucky #7, who wasn't so lucky while we were there.....
Some other little kid tried to get me to hold one or even just touch one while we were there.....uhhhh, NO THANKS!
It was SO hot yesterday...103-105--in the shade at the festival it wasn't SO bad but when we left.........UGH! So the kids and a few friends went down to the river. The boys have really been getting into fishing lately so they went down to try their luck. Well, they only got lucky times one today!!
But hey! It was better than those little 3-4 inchers they were catching the day before!!!
We were all excited about going to Tito's soccer game later in the evening but it was cancelled. :(
So they were Wii potatoes until they left for the movie. I think I was already sleeping by the time they got back. I was a tired girl yesterday!! I don't even know how they liked the movie!! LOL
It's gonna be time for church here in a bit so I guess I'll go get ready. I just LOVE going to early church!!
I hope you enjoy your Sunday!!! I only have a few more days until I head back to work so I'm going to make the MOST of them!!! I was SURE hoping to get some creating done this week but it just hasn't happened. Tomorrow morning I head over to Wenatchee for a bit so I don't imagine I'll get much creating in tomorrow either........maybe I'll come home with a few new stamps though????? -Unfortunately, anymore it seems just to add to 'the collection'! UGH!

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