Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So this LOOKS innocent enough right????? It just looks like Joe and Salvador giving Fifi a haircut. Our neighbor, Lael, gave us this set of dog clippers. She had bought them, used them once on her much furrier than ours dog and decided she didn't like them so gave them to us.
Joe looked at it as a GREAT opportunity to clip Fifi (our Yorkie), who was, by the way, WAY over due for a haircut and save a few bucks.

It's all well good, I'm thinking, because it often times takes a while to get in to our groomer.
Poor Fifi--I'm pretty sure getting her hair 'done' ISN'T one of her favorite all time things to have done......
Yeah, well, it was all 'well and good' until Fifi came running in the house to find me and looked like THIS!!!!

Joe and Salvador say she's a 'Road Warrior Dog'.
I'm SO NOT kidding you!! And yes, after they shaved her and gave her a bath they put gel in her hair, uh, er...fur to make it stand up! Poor Fifi---yeah, like she could ALMOST care. She is so much cooler now she's probably THANKING them and wondering why they hadn't done it earlier UGH!! Oh well........It's ONLY hair---fur---it'll grow back! Let this be a lesson to you......don't leave 2 boys alone with dog clippers and a dog!!!
And here's me and Salvador.........
We'd all gone to a friends to hang out and dinner one night last week and when we got home he wanted to take a picture with me....
SO what if it was a goofy picture!!!
I was kind of bummed this morning because I was HOPING to post one of the pictures Nikki and I took together the day of her party. SHE actually asked ME to take a few pictures with her!! Talk about being able to be knocked over with a feather!!! I thought maybe she's posted them to her myspace account but nope...........not yet!!! I was hoping to just 'tag' it. I'll have to tell her to either post them to her myspace or email them to me or something!
I ALSO have a card to share......

This was made for one of the girls at work, Christina, for her birthday.
I LOVE this paper. I think I got it from Verve FOREVER ago!!! It was a quick card and I ALWAYS see things I'd do differently next time but......................... she liked it, so that's ALL that matters right?
Two more nights of work and then I'm off for a few. I just LOVE my nights off!! LOLOL---who doesn't right?! The crazy thing is, my days off are already pretty much planned for this next week!!
Well, that's all for today.......that Tylenol PM is kicking in and Samuel is asking for me to bring him some clothes..........he just got outof the shower! -Yeah, I don't know what THAT'S all about either!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

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Anonymous said...

that is toooo funny. poor little doggie, but like you said she probably doesn't care, it just feel a long cooler for these 100+ days we have.