Saturday, July 7, 2007

My girl

I USUALLY make up a page for the front and back of my class binder-one of each of my 'babies'. Last quarter I didn't--just didn't make the time and I TRIED a different idea for storing my notes and all. I didn't like it half as much so I'm back to the 'ole tried and true.
As you can see, from ealier posts, I had been working on cards-NOT layouts as I'd originally planned this week. I was really struggling with it. I don't know why. I'm always afraid I'm not going to like it, or maybe I'd come up with a better idea later--I dunno...all kinds of different things that help me to procrastinate--it's that perfectionism in me!
Well, this morning I decided to JUST DO IT! Whether I hated it or loved it I decided I needed to do SOMETHING because ANYTHING would be better than that PLAIN 'OL WHITE cover.
I just picked up these papers yesterday at Walmart and decided to just use them. It's NOT that I NEEDED any more paper, God knows I don't. I even SAID I WASN'T going to buy anymore paper until I used up what I had. There is NO good reason for WHY I bought them but I did and I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out so I guess it's all good???
Moving right along...............

Here she is:
My girl....well, really I guess she's OUR girl but.....
This is our oldest-she took the picture herself and it's SUCH a cute smile! She often times tries TOO hard to smile giving her what her dad calls 'lizard lips'-No lizard lips here though!

Adorable Backgrounds (CTMH # D1200) with White Daisy Ink, Fresh Retro paper kit (Kurio), word art sticker by rhonna farrer enchanted, Kay-Girl Chipboard Stickers by me & my BIG ideas, flowers with brads by colorbok, white daisy organdy ribbon-CTMH

Joe just brought in the mail and my pictures arrived from Shutterfly so I'm off to make up Sammo's side!

I'll be back later to post it!

Until then.......Enjoy your Saturday!

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