Monday, July 30, 2007

How COOL is this???

My mom called earlier and I was JUST able to call her back.....
I guess she got her new 'catty' (she signed up in April--and I just dropped down to Jr. Consultant---I'm just TOO busy with school and commuting right now....hmmmm, wondering now if I'll EVEN get a complimentary catty now....hmmm)
ANYWAYS!! The GOOD stuff....She told me my son is on pgs (I THINK) 59 and 63!!! And what a BUMMER I'm not even home to SEE!! Won't be until Friday night-and that's IF I go home this weekend! :(
I guess one is a half page spread with him in leaves and such and the other bundled up or something. I'd forgotten I'd even submitted photos! LOL
Anyways! I just thought that was pretty cool.
SO-now all you ladies who DO have your catties....check him out!! :)
I have clinicals this week (well, next week too--ALL WEEK for the next 2 weeks but once those clinical weeks are done all we have is another week of theory an exam and then the final and we're DONE for Summer!!! YIPPEE!!
Anyways, I'm in the OR tomorrow--fun?? I'll let ya know!!
Alright, I'm off to study--
just thought I'd share!
-Until next time........
Okay-so a friend scanned and emailed me the pics...
So, here's my baby!!!
How fun is that!!
And he just thinks he's SO special (well, of COURSE he IS to me!!!) because he's IN the book. He thinks he's a celebrity now! LOL


Casey Turner said...

That is awesome that your son is in the catalog!

Anyway, I wanted to email you but my dumb computer wouldn't let me. My bags are usually between $35 -$45. The average bag is $40. If you want specifics, I'd be glad to give you more info on which styles cost what but sometimes it depends on how expensive the fabric was. So glad you like them and thanks for commenting!

Love your photography pics, by the way!

Sintheeah said...