Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July

There was NO creating for ME yesterday! :) We didn't really do much either.....just hung out and enjoyed each other. It was a NICE day! Me and the kids had a water fight with a friend of ours, Chris. It was Me and Samuel VS Nikki and Chris.....Joe was filling up our floatie thing for the water. We had water hoses, water balloons and those soaker toys-the ones you soak in water and then throw, and hope to hit each other with....oh, and Samuel had his Super Soaker (water gun) that everyone was trying to get. It was fun but I was SOAKED by the time we were done! Good time though! :)
A little later on we went down to the river (for any of you who don't know...we live on the Okanogan River). We'd gotten this big floatie thing at COSTCO some time ago waiting for summer to use it. We finally talked Joe into blowing it up and using it today. It was SO nice and relaxing. I could have stayed on it all day!! Joe trolled up and down the river--he was going to fish but the current is still pretty strong so we didn't stay down too too long. One of the outer parts (of the tube) was low on air-I thought it was from me!!-but it turns out there was a leak....not in the plastic but where you put the air in. Turns out it wasn't screwed in was crooked so the air was leaking out---so since I am the heaviest of me and the kids MY side wasn't as elevated as it could have been!! I didn't dip in the water but I was afraid to move much sometimes! Well, at least we found it so next time it should be even better!!

Here we are:

Joe tied a rope to a big tree and then tied us to the rope so we wouldn't end up only God know's where--somewhere down in Omak!! Anyways-we had fun and that's what matters!! Hopefully the current will die down a bit and we'll get to go out again sometime soon. Joe thinks the float might be better for the lake--no sticks and stuff to worry about it getting punctured on. Only thing is it's HUGE! I could blow it up with the air hose thing in my van but still, it'll take a long time! Joe blew it up with his air compressor yesterday and it took a while! Imagine that little one from my van. And it's SO GYNORMOUS-it won't FIT IN my car.

When we came back up, after unloading, we just hung out under and tree (me and Joe). It was a warm day but just sitting under the tree it was SO nice and relaxing. We gave both dogs (Jasmine & Fifi) a bath and watched them run around and play for a bit. It was just SO relaxing! We didn't end up going to see any fireworks. Originally we were. Surprisingly it was Joe's idea! But the later it got the more tired Joe got and he had to work later on so we just stayed home. It was just one of those lazy days-as much as we wanted to go out and do something noone wanted to get ready or get going. Sometimes its just nice being home too!

Turns out somewhere in town was putting off fireworks and we could see them right from our upstairs living room!! Samuel was the one who was most disgusted about not going to the fireworks so at least he got to see those. He went out on the deck for a bit and sat and watched them from out there too. They seemed like the never ending fireworks. I went to bed at about 11:15 and they were STILL going off!

That was our 4th!


Nenebeans said...

yeah it was fun yesterday...i wasnt very excited to watch the fireworks cuz well first of all we could see them from the house and i was busy on the phone and i just didnt wanna get all pretty again! haha-NeKoLlAh FlOrEs

Katrina said...

Well I missed you guys.... was wishing I could see you for part of the day at least.... oh well maybe next year :)