Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where do I begin???

Geesh! The last time I posted, aside from my VERY last post, re: the card for Victoria, was the gift I'd received from my Secret Sister. I've just been 'crazy busy'! The first couple days or so of my break I played around in my creating room that is....but before too long, I realized I REALLY needed to attend to other things around the house and just life in general. Mid-way through break I took a job at the hospital. So back to the work force for me! (Remember now, I've been a stay-at-home-mom for the past 13 years!!) In doing so, I realized I needed some scrubs. Katrina (my BF) and I went to Wenatchee and one of the things we, well, ME more than she, were going to do was look for scrubs. I found NOTHING. -Really it's not like there is MUCH by way of scrubs to find there anyways but.....
Not to mention the price!! I just have a hard time paying between $18-$20 for a scrub top. SO, we decided she'd......errrrr.......we'd..........make some. We were going to JoAnns anyways. We found some of THE CUTEST fabric (on sale!). Here's 'Katharina' working on one of MY scrub tops. Don't cha just LOVE that fabric?? I DO! I've gotten SO many compliments on this top already!!!
I'm the 'cutter' -she HATES cutting......
and she's the 'sewer'-I'm just no where NEAR as good as it as she is. You should SEE some of the beautiful things she's made!! The original plan was to make these I could learn how to sew a bit better but due to time restraints and just hasn't turned out that way......
She is just THE BESTEST friend EVER!!!
-and NOT just because she's making scrub tops for me either! Just because SHE IS!!! :) I AM blessed! Thanks Kat!
We also stopped by the Goodwill that day...and BOY! Did I ever find some good 'deal's'! My camera is out in the car right now and it's EARLY in the morning here (2:47am - I couldn't sleep!) and it's cold outside....and dark........I DON'T like going outside in the dark so much. I will but if I don't feel like I HAVE to, I won't, so, I'm not going to....but I WILL get it later to snap a picture or two--I think, I got some cool stuff.
SO-I've been working--Whew! That first 12 hour shift was a doozie! I was exhausted! I came home, showered, had a little bit to eat and WENT TO BED!! The 2nd and 3rd days weren't SO bad but SHEESH!!
THEN, of course, school started back up. Back to Wenatchee for me two days a week (Mon/Thur)-but at least it's ONLY 2 days a week this quarter. I will be doing my preceptorship too but I'll be doing that closer to home. October & November look like they are going to be QUITE the busy months---with really NOT any free time at all between class, preceptor days and work....BUT I think for two months it can be done!!! :) November 28th won't come fast enough for me this year!!!
SO-in a nut shell that is my life the past few weeks!
I AM planning on 'creating' today so HOPEFULLY before too long I'll get a chance to post some of my 'creations'!
Thanks for stopping by......
.....and come back again SOON!

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