Friday, June 15, 2007

Today's Creations......

I've been SO consumed with school the past few months that I really haven't had ANY time to 'create'.

I got home LATE last night, well, really this morning and was awoken pretty early so I was TIRED today. Nikki talked me into going downstairs to watch one of the shows we TiVo and once it was over I took a 4 + hour nap. NICE!

Katrina (my BFF) came over to visit for a while which was SUPER nice since we haven't had a chance to visit in I don't know HOW long as we've BOTH been busy with school!! But SHE is graduating on Saturday!! Yippee!!! Hurray for her!! Way to go girl! :)

Anyways--I got busy this evening......well, maybe not THAT busy but I was able to make up a few cards. I have a few friends graduating from Nursing School and wanted to have cards for them. You know once people know you make cards they kind of expect a 'homemade' card!! ;) So here are a few I made up........

They were SUPER easy as you can tell. I LOVE the colors!!!

The blue/green is paper from WalMart! by Kurio. I saw them the other day and HAD to have them. I just LOVE the color combo.

The paper I used in the other card is from Chatter Box. My daughter picked them out.....she liked I went with it.

I have one more I'm working on. JUST had an idea for it but probably won't get to it until tomorrow. I'm TIRED now and it's 3:00 am. Yet ANOTHER late night!! I'll post it and the LO pages I did sometime tomorrow!!

Sweet Dreams!

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