Monday, June 18, 2007

New kitty

Lael got a new kitty!!!

When we came home from fishing yesterday he decided to come visit with us for a bit.

They're SO darned cute when they're little. The kids, of course, fell in love with him and just played and played for the longest. I have to admit, he was FUN to watch. Samuel gave him a wadded up paper towel and he just played with it for the longest!!!
He doesn't have a name yet. We came up with Jack. I don't know that Lael is going to go for Jack. Nikki pointed out later that then he'd be, "Jack Black". :)

He sure is a cutie but
....then they get BIG!

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Jodi said...

Ohhhhhh!! I love them when they are babies. I have 3 grown cats now. I miss them being so little. Enjoy, just like kids they grow too fast!!!!