Friday, June 29, 2007

Back to the books for me!

I JUST realized my last post was on June 18th! YIKES! What have I been doing!!!!!--heh! What haven't I been doing really! lol That's what it feels like sometimes! :)
This was my first week back to class (for summer) so I was down in Wenatchee all week. Back to the books for me!! My 'scrap-n-crap room', as my husband calls it, is NOT just my 'scrap-n-crap room''s ALSO my study area!
Interestingly enough when I started going back to school we converted a spare room that was more of a reading room, into a study type room. We had cabinets and countertops put in and that was SUPPOSED to be MY area for studying, homework etc.... Yeah, well, the kids AND Joe have pretty much taken it over. I will not FIGHT for space so I decided they can just have it and I'll use my 'scrap-n-crap room'. It's comfy and I'm surrounded by all my stuff!
I got some GOOD news this past week....My clinicals, for this quarter, won't start until later in July which means, aside from a test on Monday that I am able to take in Omak (only 20 minutes away as opposed to the 2 hour trek to Wenatchee), I am off until the 9th!!! WOOOHOOO!!! It almost seems TOO good to be true! :) Well, I am going to take advantage of that time that is FOR SURE! I'm going to TRY and get as much done as I possibly can.
Stay posted and see what gets done! :)
Until next time............................

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