Saturday, June 30, 2007

Look at what Sammo made

Samuel has had a busy Summer Break already! His first week off he went to Soccer Camp, last week he went to Art Camp and next week it's VBS! He's a busy boy! He LOVED Soccer Camp-wore him out really-he was at Soccer Camp M-F from 9-1 and then most days when Joe picked him up they'd head off fishing. I don't think I've EVER known Samuel to EAT or SLEEP SO much!! :)
Yesterday was his last day at Art Camp and this is what he made! He was so excited! He brought it home yesterday in a bag. We rinsed it out and took off the rubber bands this morning (AS SOON as he woke up), I washed it and then hung it outside to dry-I swear it was dry in RECORD time!!!
-and NOW he's sport'in it!
Alright, well, we're just waiting for one of his friends and one of Nikki's friends and we're OFF to see Ratatouille. I think I want to see it more than them!!!
Enjoy your Saturday!

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