Monday, February 9, 2009

Samuel's Valentine's

I SO snagged this idea from

Laurie over at Just Give Me Stamps. If you've never visited her blog....GO!!! OH MY GOSH!! Her artwork is AMAZING!!! Hers are a little more involved. I needed a little simpler and easier. Most of my paper is scraps-which explains the varying colors of pink, for the girls of course. I embossed the cardstock with one of my cuttlebug folders punched the white strip with a MS punch adhered it all and added riboon. I worked on them today at lunch so I didn't have to worry about finishing them all tonight. (Samuel has to have his Valentine's turned in tomorrow....and NO candy this year....why we went for pencils!!) I think they came out pretty cute! I'm pleased. :)

I STILL have a birthday card, or TWO or THREE.....or get done. Maybe tomorrow??? Have a GREAT week!!!


Elaine said...

OMG you just have to make me i really really wanna go in my SB rm!!! Wow..they are SOOO stinking cute!!!! LOVE them! Really Now! i wanna play...will you come play at my house? ya...

Stacey said...

I would LOVE to come play at your house!!!! :)
ONE of these days it's gonna happen!!! :)
I'm glad you like them. :)
They were *kind of* a pain in the butt to do...but not really and they DID come out super duper cute!!
Love You too!!! :)

Beate said...

Those valentines look fantastic!
Hugs and smiles