Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scrapbook Retreat

I went to a FABULOUS Scrapbook Retreat last weekend. I've been SO SUPER busy since I got back that I haven't had a chance to think about, much less post, pictures of what I got accomplished. I certainly didn't complete as many pages as some of the other girls BUT I had to take care of a few things while I was there AND my husband had JUST returned (the first day of the retreat) from being gone for a month so he came down and stayed in the room with me the second night. :)
I promised Lainey I would post them today. I'm a girl of my here goes......YES! It is 9:38 PM and Lainey is PROBABLY headed to bed if she isn't there yet BUT the day isn't over for me quite yet!! :)
Some of the pages DO need some finishing touches.....that is ONE of the things about being ANYWHERE aside from my OWN studio.....I never know what ALL to bring......SO yes.....I need to finish a few things up.
Right now I'm finishing up a 12X12 album for both Nikki and Samuel so I have some 12X12 pages BUT I also picked up an inexpensive 8X8 album ($7 at Walmart-last one!) and decided I was going to use it for ME....just those pics I probably have doubles of that will go in the kids' book but that I want too. So I worked on some of those........

Looks like blogger isn't going to cooperate with me tonight so I'll post the 8X8's first and put the 12X12's in the next post.

I am going VERY simple these days. LONG GONE are the days of spending hours on a page. I am TOO far behind and have TOO many pages to scrapbook!!

This is my handsome husband! This picture was taken...geesh I can't remember either last summer or the summer before.


Man, I LOVE this man!!! :)Me and 'Beans'.

This picture was taken a FEW years ago....she and I went to see Kenny Chesney in Spokane.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this paper!!!

I LOVE this picture. One of the few of just me and her.


Joe's and Sammo....Sammo was SO little then. I did a 12X12 pretty much the SAME thing except for where the green rub on is here there on the other it says, Like Father Like Son. Just LOOK at those crazy looks! LOL

My Beans......

Easter a few years ago. My GOSH!! LOOK at how YOUNG she looks!!! Her hair was SO long.....I think it makes her look even younger!!

Ahhhhh......My DEAR Sweet friend Pat, and her new husband George, Pat, who is also Sammo's Godmother. I LOVE this woman!!

I didn't do any journaling....she sent me the pics....I wasn't there......

This is the last of the 8X8's....

I have a few finishing touches to add to this page....just didn't have a few of the things I wanted to use there.

Anyways.....this is my friend Jan. We used to work together....some of us got together for her birthday to celebrate....

Looking at the layout now........again......I think I WILL add some journaling.

Anyways.......those are my 8X8 pages. I'll see if Blogger is going to play nice so I can add the rest!!

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Elaine said...

GREATTTTTTTT PAGES! I'm sorry I'm just getting to them!!!! I love them almost as much as I love YOU! :)
miss you!