Thursday, October 22, 2009

Witches Brew, spiders, bats and.........

My dear, sweet friend Erin suggested I post these pictures on my blog. WHAT AN IDEA!!
Honestly......I think half the time I FORGET I even HAVE a blog anymore!!! It's been SO long since I posted.....Feb or April....NO WONDER I don't remember!!!
Well, shame on me and a BIG THANK YOU to Erin for reminding me........... :)
October 31 is Brandi Louise's birthday.
Her REAL name is NOT Brandi Louise but it's what I call her. :)
And she's NOT EVEN one of my kids.......though I like to call her my own..
AND here, at this house, we LOVE US some Brandi Louise!!!! :)
This weekend is OUR birthday weekend with her and I can't wait for it to get here. What are we going to do?? Not 100% sure YET but you CAN be sure that if she's involved it WILL be FUN!!!! :)
I'd seen those cute little books at the $1 Spot in Target and KNEW I had to get one...or two.....I mean come on! For a BUCK?!?!?! :)
Originally I thought I'd SOMEHOW make up a birthday card for
Miss. Brandi-Louise using the just wasn't workin' for me. SO.....I decided to go with a little scrap book. They're just SIMPLE pages, what I'm ALL about these days, and she can fill it from pics from whatever she likes. I'm not sure if they're going to get dressed up or go "Trick or Treating" this year or not.........
This is the front of the book:

Page ONE

Pages TWO and THREE



EIGHT and NINE....and so on and so forth............

And THIS is a card my sweet, sweet friend Lainey Lou sent me. I hadn't been feeling well and she sent me card to help make me feel better. That was SO nice of you Laines!!!!


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mE said...

OOOOH Girlie!!

I <3 this little book of yours! Your "dd" is going to LOVE it, too! I love how simple, yet beautiful the pages are. YOU ROCK :)