Sunday, December 13, 2009

I know, I know........'WHO are YOU again???'

I've been 'gone' for sometime now......

gone meaning........away from crafting and creating.
But.......I'm trying to come back. And TODAY is the first day.....
So here's some of what I worked on today:
I'm going the whole Secret Santa/Sister thing at work. I thought it would be FUN!!! I still think it will be!!! AND it's going to HELP me to get back into 'creating'!
This is gift #1 for my Secret Sister.
It's just a bag of Limited Edition Dark Peppermint Truffles. Just a little something.......
I have my first 3 days planned......possibly's that 5th day that's giving me a hard time!!! LOL
Blogger is really giving me a hard time today. Perhaps it's because I haven't used it in so long?!?!
So--I apologize for the disorganization of this post. Hopefully, the next picture you see is of some cute little Mistletoe Pixies (Stampendous!) I got them last year, I think, and decided today to play with them.......they're not made into a card yet......just stamped, colored in and blended with OMS and stickles...planning to add some 'fuzz' to his pom pom and boots. First I've gotta find the 'fuzz'!! :)

This candle is just a WalMart candle. I hot glued some cinnamon sticks to it, added some ribbon, WILL add some greens and IT will be my Secret Sister's #3 gift!! Gift #2 is just going to be a CUTE Christmas mug with some peppermint hot cocoa and a mini holiday cake. Mmmmmm.

This is just a little card I made today....$1 stamps from Craft Warehouse I'm SURE!!
That's all I have for today!'s SOMETHING!!! :)
Oh!! ALMOST forgot to mention........I received my FIRST Skipping Stones Deesign stamps yesterday! I CAN'T WAIT to play with them!! HOPEFULLY tomorrow!
I'll post!!


mE said...

Stacey! Welcome back! (again) LOL! :) :)

I looooove the candle... I must get some cinnamon sticks! What a fabuloush idea! :) Also loving the card and yummy treat bag topper! I told Brent that I NEEED some new watercolor pencils for Christmas cuz your little images are so nice and vibrant!

Glad to see you creating AND SHARING again :)

Inky Hugs!

Aura said...

HELLO Pretty Lady!

How are you? Looking forward to a new year here after a very rough one to put it mildly. Cant wait to get rolling again in the creativity department (true therapy)

Hope all is well, and Happy Holidays!