Sunday, October 21, 2007

I've been tagged!!

by Erin at *ahem* Thanks Erin!!!
So this is the deal........
Erin tagged me...... she was tagged by:
Nina Perrin for this experiment which was originally started by Mary Demuth ( "It's an experiment to see how many degrees we can separate (kind of like Kevin Bacon, only it's relevantblog).
How many people can one blog potentially reach?"What we do is list out 10, 20 and 30 years ago and what we were doing at that time. Then you "tag" some other bloggers and go back and comment on Relevant Blog and let her know.

Ten years ago.....That would be 1997:
In 1997 we were living in San Diego, California. We were living in a rental house on Marline Ave. It was a NICE house-not too big but bigger than the one we'd moved from. It was new-there had only been one other renter before us and she'd only been in a year or two. We were kind of hidden from the street and there was only one other house back there and they had a few kids too so it was great for Nikki (and Jenny-a little girl I used to watch). They could go out and ride bikes or play or whatever--it was like a big 'ole 'cul de sac-and I didn't have to worry about cars or anything. Nikki turned 4 in April and we had a Cinderella Birthday party for her. She had the coolest cake-If I hadn't just gotten rid of my scanner I would have scanned it in to share--Let me think......this same year D'tri must have been pregnant with Billy too because I remember having her Baby Shower at this house. I really don't remember much more about this year. I'm sure if I sat and looked through pictures I would but not just sitting lame huh??
Twenty Years ago.......1987:
Hmmm, the highlight of '87--I GRADUATED High School. I graduated from Hamden High School in Hamden, Connecticut. After HS I joined the Navy. Yep! It's true. Way back then I had such a hard time saying 'NO!'. I'd taken the ASVAB in school-to get out of class-. They say I scored quite well and the Army came knocking wanting me. One of my cousin's -who I'm pretty sure I haven't seen or talked to since- got wind and convinced me to go talk to his Navy Recuriter -again of course, couldn't say 'no'. So, I the time I left his office that day I'd signed my papers and was officially enlisted in the US Navy. Off to boot camp in Orlando, Florida I went in Sept of '87. It was tough but I have some good memories from back then. After Boot Camp I was off to Corps School (I was a Hospital Corpsman) in Great Lakes, Ill. I was in Great Lakes until April of 1988 when I headed off to Adak, Alaska. Know where that is?? I didn't either. It's a little, itty bitty island just about at the end of the Aleutian Chain-closer to Russia than main land Alaska. Good times there......
Thirty Years ago......1977:
Ha! I was 8 years old and I have NO idea. I'm not so good at remembering WAY back that far. I lived in Hamden, Connecticut and went to West Woods School in the 2nd Grade. I lived in the same house my parents built when I was born and the very same house they STILL live in. My Grandparents lived right up our driveway and we lived on a 'mini farm'. We had horses, cows, goats, the occassional sheep, ducks, chickens, turkey's-some other foul my dad raised for a bit-, and of COURSE dogs and barn cats. I'm pretty sure we had a family reunion that year. My Grandmother had Family Reunions pretty often for a while. They were always a good time. Okay, so I cheated...and I called my mom to ask her....she can't remember her defense, there were SO many of mom, or rather, OUR family, took foster children. Growing up we almost always had 5 state kids in addition to me and my brother so I can't really blame her for not knowing what exactly I did in '77. But she seems to think it was this year that we went camping for the first year at Rand Pond Campground in Goshen, New Hampshire in a little pop up tent camper. Mom says that Terry, one of my sisters fell out of said camper trailer this same trip-how? I don't know but knowing her, ANYTHING is possible. There was a big thunder storm one night, and I think the last night of this trip and the tent camper leaked on Mom and Dads side....all over my mom-she woke up in a BIG puddle. Mom always gave us each a couple of dollars at the end of the trip much money at the end of the trip to go to the little camp store to buy some candy for the trip home. I talked Terry into believing that I could put red hots up my nose and they'd come out through my mouth. -The things we do when we're kids- Once she finally bought it she actually tried it!! Up they went...when they started melting and her nose started running red and things were burning she told my, CRIED to my mom. My mom told her to blow her nose. She was like 5 years old at the time so of course she SNIFFED in as hard as she could. She just had to wait it out then. Of course she told my mom that I told her to do it but she had such a problem with lieing that of course my mom didn't believe her. Really, I DIDN'T TELL her to do it. I just, kind of, convinced her that I could make them come out my mouth. She never put anything else up her nose. It wasn't until a few years ago that I 'fessed up and actually told my mom it WAS me who talked her into it.
SO--now it's MY TURN to TAG-here goes:
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These are my tagee's. I don't know if they will all have the time to participate and really, I don't KNOW some of them......only through their blogs BUT..............if nothing else these are FANTABULOUS blogs to visit. They are VERY talented woman with BEAUTIFUL artwork and inspiration galore!! I HOPE they do get a chance to participate though because I'd love to learn more about them! :)
That's all for's only taken me the past 3 hours to complete this!!!
OK, I WAS on the phone with my mom in between. I just can't believe it's 3:12 pm ALREADY!!!
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