Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a week!

Well, I made it through last week.....PHEW! ;)
Actually it wasn't so weeks are just SUPER BUSY these days. It will SURE be NICE to be DONE with school-- November 28th-(God willing).
I'm not sure yet how I did on my test....The results were supposed to be in Thursday or Friday but of course I wasn't in Wenatchee to check my box so I'll find out tomorrow. I figure they're not going to be ANY different tomorrow then they were on Thursday or Friday, right? So, I can wait!
Today is my only day 'off' this week so I'm sure going to TRY to get a little 'creating' in there.....we'll see. I'm trying to get this desk area cleaned off so I can actually GET some 'creating' done. YIKES!! It's like 3 weeks of MESS! I'd take a picture but I'd be TOO embarrased to post it!
Katrina and I went to a Complications of Pregnancy class in Spokane this past week. It was good. I enjoyed spending time with her. We don't get to see each other very often these days. Our schedules just don't always mesh--oh, WAIT! They never do!! We joke around sometimes saying that's probably why we've remained friends for so long...heehee. Anyways, it WAS nice getting away....we did a little shopping which is ALWAYS fun. We were both pretty tired so we didn't do AS MUCH damage as I'm SURE we COULD that's probably good too!! I broke down and got a pair of crocs--yep--the Mary Jane type like Kat....they are comfy but they don't feel like they have much of an arch support....well, I GUESS how much arch support could a squishy plastic shoe actually have??? I'm gonna give 'em a fair shake though. I'd bought another pair a few weeks ago....they're a newer style that I personally like a little better especially for the Fall/Winter weather--they cover more of the foot and come up higher in the back--Nikki LOVES them both...Does is surprise me?? uh--NOPE! She and I are SO opposite in SO many things it's crazy. It's all good. As quickly as she seems to be growing sometimes she'll grow right into them in NO time and then I won't feel so guilty about buying them! I bought another pair of Keen's too. Lace ups. I was on the fence and just as I was checking out, WHO calls? but my mom. Of COURSE in NO time she had me CONVINCED--so bought them-I DID! They ARE one of THE MOST comfortable shoes that is FOR SURE and I KNOW I won't be disappointed.
We hit Michaels-we don't have one over here....we have a Craft Warehouse in Wenatchee but that Michaels in the Valley seems to have more of a selection--maybe just DIFFERENT stuff. We also hit Blackberry's-another scrapbooking store. I picked up the COOLEST stamp. It's by 7Gypsies. It's one of those push down type stamps....and you can interchange the colored stamp pads. The one I got is Christmas seals-I bought another set to go with it...Round seal stamps--I thought the Christmas ones especially, would be cute to stamp out onto a round piece of cardstock and then layer behind it with one of those scallop punches...I thought it would be cute for Christmas gift tags and such......I also bought a package of the refillable stamp pads...I just thought it would be nice to have some other colors to chose from beside the basic black and since they were there........
Check 'em out--
Alright, well, I'm going to play for a bit....
Maybe I'll even post a little something later on......
Enjoy your Sunday!!

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