Monday, October 6, 2008

This morning

The fog was already rolling in when the sun came up this morning. There's just something about fog over the water that I just LOVE. So OF COURSE I HAD to snap a few pictures.
This is what I got:
This was the first one.
I just think it's SUPER cool looking.
This next one is of the island in front of, or back of our house--my dad says it's the back because our 'front' door is on the other side. Whatever. It's the East side.
It was kind of weird really....I'd looked outside, noticed the fog and thought I NEED to get my camera out of the car. I tend to leave my camera in the car because it NEVER fails, if I DON'T have it, I WANT it for SOMETHING-so now I just leave it in there. It was a chilly night last night and I haven't started parking my car in the garage yet, so I KNEW I was going to have to let my camera sit for a few minutes before I could take any pictures. The next thing I knew the fog was almost GONE! UGH! I thought. It just figures right?! Well, about 10 minutes later I looked back outside and low and behold there was even MORE fog than there was the first time I looked out. Hmmm.
The same but different......
more sky....more trees.
This is looking to the East and more South....
Well, I have a few cards to make up. So, if I'm going to get any of them done I guess I'd better get to it.
Have a GREAT week!!

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Chrissy D said...

WOW- these photos are breath taking!!! TFS!