Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, it's THAT time of year again...........APPLE TIME......well, almost............Would you believe I went out looking for apples the other day and none of the apple sheds had apples yet!!! UGH. You could get ALL the pears you wanted but NO apples. I don't very often 'crave' apples but OF COURSE I was that day. Well, Joe went by a friends orchard yesterday and brought me home a Walmart bag of apples....still no goldens YET---the goldens won't be ready until next week. Goldens are my FAVORITE! ESPECIALLY fresh off the tree Goldens. Mmmm. I know my mom's favorite for pies are Granny Smith but not me. I'm a Golden's girl ALL THE WAY! Here are the apples he brought me home:
Aren't they beautiful??
Their color, their perfect shape. Mmmmmm. One of the reasons I wanted apples in the first place, well, aside from making some applesauce for the kids....(they LOVE my homemade applesauce) was because I saw the best idea on Michelle Wooderson's blog not too long ago. She made up what she calls 'Caramel Apple Mudslides'. OH MY GOSH--they looked deLUSCIOUS!! You KNOW I just HAD to give it a try!! :) I picked up caramel and chocolate chips the other day at the store. We USUALLY have pecans (Joe's mom sends them to us from their trees shelled and all--NICE!) and/or walnuts coming out of our ears so I didn't bother to pick up any nuts and wouldn't you know....we have neither! UGH! Oh well. Our Caramel Apple Mudslides were nutless this time.......(not EVEN going there!! {grin})
This is what ours looked like (Samuel helped me out):Alright, they're a little 'messy' this time but it was our trial run so it's all good. :)I'm SO NOT putting them on foil next time...just a word to the wise.....use wax paper or just put 'em on a plate like Michelle did. We only made up 5 and 3 are gone already....Salvador, Nikki and I ALL like 'em! teeheehee.
My chocolate wasn't being as cooperative as I'd have liked BUT it's all a part of the process I guess....I'm picking up nuts today at the store and I'm going to make MORE!!
Practice makes PERFECT right?!
And what a CUTE little gift for a teacher or a special someone, don't cha think??? ....on a pretty autumn-ish plate wrapped in cellophane???


kenziekylanmom said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Love this idea and thinking about making them next week! YUMMYY!!!!

The Cute & Adorable Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Oh My Yumminess!

I must know what exactly goes into a Caramel Apple Mudslide.....

and L.O.L. about the nuts :P