Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Joe just showed this to me this morning:

Nothing spectacular, I know. Just a bee's nest.
But look at how big it is!!
Joe was just telling me how all summer he's been cutting the grass and whatever all else he does outside and NEVER noticed it, which, I MUST admit is pretty unusual for Joe. He makes it his job to be AWARE of most everything! Comes with the territory I guess..........
Anyways, he and Samuel were watching the water from the sprinkler last night when he finally noticed it.
The BIG hole at the bottom is where the bee's come and go from.
Then WHAT? in the heck are all those OTHER holes???
that would be where these 2 come in:

(aka Joe).....

......and Jeff
(aka Samuel)


Obviously they weren't shooting at the bee's nest with the slingshot in THESE pictures.....
But they WERE using the bee's nest as the target for target practice with the BB Gun. THAT would account for ALL the OTHER holes!!
I'd suggested that he kill the bee's and bring the nest to Samuel's class. I'd noticed, at Open House, how she had quite a few large bee nest's hanging in the class and thought we could add to the collection. I guess there are too many holes!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bloggy Friend! thank for the great comments about is really fun -- of course sewing is my first love of crafty stuff.

I had to laugh at the boys shooting the nest, something like my SS would do!

I like the blog you recommended. check out the french blogs liked on my links. They 're so cool, even tho' I dont understand the words.

It is fun to get to know you thru blogging. We should do lunch someday! :)