Sunday, September 28, 2008

Powder Puff

Nikki played in the Powder Puff Game this past Wednesday. I had to work but was able to go in a little late so I could watch her (and the other Freshman girls). Yes, of course they lost both games BUT they had SO MUCH FUN!!! And that's the MOST important part right?! :)
Here's a pic of our 'beauty':
She'd be the one throwing the ball. I'll be the FIRST one to tell you, the only thing I know about football is, you're trying to get a funky looking ball across the field through a funky looking 'Y' to make a touchdown. I told you........I don't know anything about it!!! But, now with Salvador and other friends of Nikki's playing my guess is we'll be attending more football games and MAYBE just maybe I'll learn a little more about the game of football?!?! We'll see.......... Regardless, it WAS fun being there, watching and I am looking forward to the NEXT home game. I just hope Salvador will be playing AND that I'm NOT working that night!!!
Here's my OTHER little cutie! :)
We saw my friend Sonia's brother, Tito, at the game and asked him to come sit with us. He's SUCH a nice guy--there should be more like him, and his brother. Anyways, he made a paper hat for Samuel--which is kind of funny because Samuel was JUST asking how to make these earlier in the week! So here's Samuel showing me how to turn it into a boat. :) And if you look to the left of Samuel's head there's Salvador walking through. I just thought that was SO funny. I had NO idea until I just now looked at the pictures that he was even in the photo!
The Seniors won again this year (---well, last year they were Juniors).

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