Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a NIGHT!!!

Oh my gosh!!
My 'vision' for tonight was WAY different than how it's turned out to be but it's all good.....
I'm spending time with Nikki so that is a good thing. I'm actually helping her with a poster that is due guess when??? Mmmm, TOMORROW!!! UGH!!!!!!
Instead of dwell on the negatives I am going to focus on the positives: Nikki and I are spending time together, talking, and not fighting AND I'm using my craftROBO!!! **I WILL be posting a picture of her poster once she's done. I might actually have to post an 'almost completed' version since SHE'S the one who's going to have to glue EACH and EVERY letter down. They get time to work on it in class tomorrow too so she'll be fine.....I hope.
It's going to be very plain and simple, at the teacher's request, so don't be expecting anything fancy. :) Nikki's not too thrilled with the idea either but that's what the teacher wants so........that's what she'll get. :)
Nikki chose all the papers. It IS her project.
On to the card.......
OH! Did I forget to mention I had a card to share???
I have a card to share!!!! :)

I picked up this stamp set from Joann Fabric, in the $1 bin, I think last month. It was the last one in the bin. It must have just been meant to be!!! :) I've been WANTING to use it and just haven't had the occasion OR made the time!!
One of our friends gave us a BUNCH of homegrown jalapenos, among some other fruits and veggies, so I thought this little chihuahua would be perfect for the Thank You card. Inside, of course, it's stamped 'Muchas Gracias'.
This is a close up of the little chihuahua dog......
YES!! That IS stickles you see...It just needed a little 'something' and stickles just seems to work!! I colored the 'lil pooch in with colored pencils and blended with OMS.
I was thinking of using this little guy, and maybe the cactus too, for the recipe card, I'm PLANNING on making, for that salsa I mentioned in my earlier post from today.
Alright. That's all for now. I have a poster to help finish up!! :)
Enjoy the rest of your week.
It's back to work tomorrow night for me so I'll be gone for a few.
Until next time.......
Hasta luego!


Elaine said...

Yeah using Robo!!! :) Ok...gluing EACH letter down...if you don't have a xyron...GET ONE. :)
i like the 150 and the 500 or is the 550? which ever is newer!
you need both really!
You just roll your things you have cut thru them and it makes them stickers! It's a necessity if you are gonna be using your robo a lot...and not that i have you all trained--well you WILL BE USING IT A LOT--right??????? :) hehehe
the OTHER queenie, e

Beate said...

This is soooo cute! Your coloring is gorgeous! I love the sparkles!
Big cyber hugs