Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"OH MY GOSH! MOM! Come and take a LOOK at THIS!!"

I actually took these pictures the other day, Monday I think, and just haven't taken the time to post them yet......
We were just going about our evening the other day when Samuel yells out, "OH MY GOSH! MOM! Come and take a LOOK at THIS!!" So we walk over, thinking it'll be an Eagle or something and what do we see???
It's a vulture.
Not the prettiest bird in the world, no doubt, but kinda cool to look at with his wings all spread out like that!!
(you can click on the picture for a closer view...if you're so inclined-but be warned...I think they must be, like I said above, THE UGLIEST looking birds!!)
I just panned out in this photo.
He stayed like this for quite some time. I kept wondering, why, is he just settin' like that?? Then I wondered, hmm...I wonder if it's a sign for the other vultures?? "It's over here! It's over here!"
Who knows?! Maybe that's how they cool off???
Why are they even there? You might be wondering. Well, it would seem someone hit a dear, again, and after being hit it ran off into the neighbors yard, AGAIN! Those neighbors are from the coast. I don't think they've been back since the LAST deer was hit and ran into their yard to die....Anyways, their yard has a lot of trees and I'm SURE the vultures could SMELL the decomposition they just couldn't FIND it at this point.
Not too long after this fellow showed up....
They just remind me of one of those Disney movies--talking to each other....
I can just hear him:
V2 (Vulture 2): Where is it? Where is it??
V1--head cocked-looks like he's listening....
V2: I'm talking to you!! Where is it? (salivating)
V1: Disgusted. Looking away,
sorry his invitation
brought THIS 'help'!!
SO, last night we were doing whatever we were doing when Samuel comes running to tell us there are now FOUR of them. All sitting in the very same tree.
............the things we see, living where we live............

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