Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's Sunday!!

I'm off for a few and have TONS to do. But I'm EXCITED!!
Graduation was yesterday and we had quite a few friend's (siblings, children or siblings of friends) graduating yesterday. Those kind of events always make me teary. Anyways, we are the partying family this weekend with all these graduations!! But that is FUN!!!
I have SO much I want and NEED to get done in my house too so I'm HOPING I'll have some 'good time' on Monday and Tuesday to get stuff done around here.
Between working and just the busy time of the year that June tends to be I have been SO busy AND since my 'studio' is between rooms right now I just haven't made the time to create anything lately. IT makes me sad, ESPECIALLY because for a while I just didn't FEEL like creating......lately I've been WANTING to create but just haven't had the time! Isn't that the way of EVERYTHING though.
Wednesday morning I went with Samuel on his fieldtrip to The Molson Museum. This is my dad's FAVORITE place to go when they come. Probably because he has most of the stuff that's up there! LOL and to just see it all in one place, organized and set out like it's important, brings his heart joy. I know when I went with Sammo I kept thinking, 'my dad (or grandfather) has that' or 'I remember that from when I was a kid'. There really were some pretty cool things up there.....things I wouldn't mind having in my house!! I just LOVE old stuff!!!
Anyways, here are a few pics from our trip:

This is the old elementary school room. Look at ALL those OLD desks!!!! I LOVE them!!!
I just saw some at an antique shop a while ago for like $50. I MIGHT need one if I end up having any spare room left if in my 'studio'!!
This is the Old Post Office.
Here's Samuel making his list......
The kids had to mark down at least 5 things they thought were 'cool' or 'interesting' from each floor. The only thing about this was of course they wanted to do their little schpeel about each floor--which is fine BUT then they wanted to RUSH the kids through. Well, they're ONLY in second grade and it still takes them a few minutes to write. After the 'leaders' did their 'schpeel' they didn't have much time and for the little ANAL kids like Samuel who HAD to make sure to get ALL FIVE things. UGH!!! I told him on the first floor--don't worry about it. Just have fun and enjoy your time here. Look at the different things and how cool they are--- But, NO! Like his Momma, Samuel HAS to follow directions and do as he's told. :)
Look at THIS!!!!
I WANT it!!!!!! :(
And this.........
It just looks cool to me. I'd LOVE to have this too. I took the picture to send to my dad so he can keep his eye out for one in all his travels. He will often buy the remains of an old house and just poke through the stuff--keeping the cool stuff getting rid of the junk.
He's found some pretty cool stuff !!
He found some beautiful old antique rings one time in an old book. Well, it looked like a book but it was really a holding spot for these old rings and stuff.
Well, that's all for today......
I hope to be able to post something creative soon........we'll see though.
Nikki's promotion is Wednesday so I'll FOR SURE post a few pics from that. :) And then Nikki leaves on Tuesday the 17th for Texas for the Summer. I'm not so excited about that. I'm gonna miss my baby girl!!! But she's excited. HOPEFULLY she'll come back knowing some spanish!!!

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