Thursday, June 12, 2008

Real quick........

I've been off for 5 days and STILL WANT MORE TIME!!!!
Isn't that just the way of it really?!?! :)
I've just been busy.....but FUN busy--not creative fun busy but social fun busy!!!
We've had graduation, graduation parties, a day of cleaning, some good 'ol 'hangin' out' and then Nikki's 'promotion' from 8th to 9th grade (in the Fall). I work for the next FOUR nights. UGH!! -AND I hear it's been BUSY. ICK!!!!! I don't so much mind busy so long as it's not CRAZY busy.
THEN, Nikki leaves for Texas for 56 days!!! :(
I'm going to post a few pics from Nikki's Promotion last night. Isn't she just beautiful?! :)
She earned the Citizenship Award and the Academic (for maintaining a 3.5, or higher, GPA all throughout Middle School) and Presidential (for maintaining a 3.7, or higher, GPA all throughout Middle School) Awards.

Nikki in the yard before leaving for promotion.
Nikki picked out EVERYTHING. I was kind of worried that she was going 'overboard' but she looked just beautiful!!!
She's always been the one with the fashion sense--always has had it--ever since she was little. She and D'tri (my BF when we lived in California) were ALWAYS on the same page.
Here's the three of us together. I'm so glad we decided to snap a picture of the 3 of us before we left.....

Obviously I'm going to need to touch up these pics. My battery died so I was using Nikki's camera most of the night and I could NOT figure out her settings.


This is Nikki with Salvador. They used to 'go out' last year. They both still like each other but with her going away this summer neither want to make any kind of 'commitment'. He's a good boy. Both Joe and I REALLY like him.

I had a few other pics I wanted to post but blogger is giving me a hard time. It has been ALL day. Grrrrr. Oh well. It's already 4pm and I have to leave for work in just a few short hours so I guess I will go lay down for a SHORT nap. Here's to hoping for a good night!! :)

I hope you ALL enjoy your weekend!! I'll try to post again in a few days. We'll see.

Hasta luego mi amigas.

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