Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.........

....it just NEVER seems to END!!!!
I got off work Saturday morning and went to the Chelan Water Slides with my kids. Our daughter was going to a birthday party for one of her friends (who's also a family friend) and we were asked to go along---so Samuel and I DID!! It was fun. The kids ALWAYS LOVE going to the water slides. Samuel chose the water slides over the Annual Founders Day Parade. I was surprised in a way (he LOVES the parade) and then not at the same time -he LOVES the water slides!!!
After just getting off three 12's I was a little tired. I took a one hour nap before we left, played for a bit and ended up taking another nap at the park after lunch. I was BEAT!! One of the BEST things about the park is that it's pretty safe and I feel comfortable letting the kids go off and enjoy the rides without me so long as they are together or with a friend. I didn't get too many pics but I'll share a few......
Here's Sammo going down one of the 'kiddie rides'. We chose to park our 'party' right to the side of these slides. It was actually a REALLY nice spot. Sunny yet a NICE BIG tree with cool, shade in the afternoon when it was too hot for me! Of course the girls wanted the SUN--they ALL had sunscreen on!! :)
WHAT a GOOF BALL right????
This kid just cracks me up!!
I know, I know.....even Joe said, "He looks like a 'bobble-head'." That's alright, cuz he's MY bobble-head-and he brings THE BIGGEST smile to my face and MOST incredible JOY to my heart.
And here he is AGAIN--the little clown. He and Raechel were hiding coins and finding them.......(8 year old fun)....he couldn't just find them he then had to pose with them!! LOL His expressions just kill me. To me, he's just funny.....a clown. He TRIES to make ya laugh--and he USUALLY succeeds!!! :)

And then we have 'Nickles' or 'Neen' or 'Beans' or 'Nene Beans' or 'Sweet Pea', whichever I decide to call her at that moment....
How can ONE child have SO many different nick-names???
Good question.

Anyways, that's typical Nikki---with a phone of SOME SORT connected to her ear. UGH!!!! Teenagers!!!

And LOOK at these beauties!!
This is Nikki and her BFF Vanessa (or 'Vaness' or 'Nessa' or 'Ba-Nessa'-that's what Samuel used to call her, 'Ba-Nessa', before he could make the 'Vv' sound. It just stuck. Now even JOE calls her 'Ba-Nessa' half the time!! They've been friends since we moved here, when they were in 3rd grade. Most people think they're sisters. Although Vaness is a WHOLE head taller than Nikki.
So that was my Saturday.
Sunday was just as busy. Nikki and I had to 'run' to Walmart for a few things, rush back up for a baptism and then off to the party. Let me tell you about SCRUMPTIOUS food. Mmmmmm.
Monday, Nikki and I went to Wentachee (2+ hours from us) to pick up MORE last minute things (and then some) for her promotion next week. It's hard to believe Nikki will be in the High School this Fall. Time has just FLOWN right by before my eyes!!
Have you ever heard the song, Turn Around Slowly by David Kauffman?? (click HERE and then click on Turn Around Slowly to listen to it. It's just the beginning part/clip of the song but you'll get the idea.) If you can listen to that song and not tear up or full out cry............I don't know what to say. The first time I heard it was at a Chondra Pierce event and he sang it there. I was WAY pregnant with Samuel-like READY to deliver-so some could have said it was hormones but let me tell you........there wasn't a DRY EYE in the place!!!
Anyways........when we got home last night my NEW kitchen window was in. YIPEE!! We had a garden window and I HATED it. HATED IT!!! I was TALKED into it and I REGRETTED it ever since. Well, I'm happy now. I NO LONGER have a garden window!!! It's not 100% finished yet, Joe has to put the trim back up and finish the trim outside but this is what it looks like now--
I like it WAY better!!
That little wooden thing won't be there either. It was in the garden window and just got put there this morning until it finds a new home. The counter needs to be cleaned off (and the dishes done) but you get the idea..... The river and our lower back yard is STILL flooded. Not AS BAD as it was but still flooded. Joe's NOT a happy camper but what to do baby boo? :)
Today is going to be a cleaning/catch up day.......just as soon as I get my bum off this computer. Tomorrow is Sammo's field trip to The Molson Museum--of course I told him I'd go. I haven't done ANYTHING with his class YET this year--what a BAD mom huh?! I know, I know. And then tomorrow night it's back to work for me for another three. ICK!!! But, then my last 5 off--thing is it's PACKED FULL of things to do too!!! Somewhere in there I HAVE to get a handful (at least) of Graduation cards done, a few Father's Day cards, a gazillion Birthday cards, the list goes on and on.....This time of the year is just a BUSY time huh?!
Well, enjoy the rest of YOUR week. I HOPE to be able to share SOMETHING soon and THANKS for stopping by!!

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Courtney Fowler said...

Your kids are just beautiful... and oh my goodness look at that view from your kitchen window! Wowzee!