Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What a slacker huh???

I haven't posted in FOREVER!
I've just been busy.....with different things....good things mostly.
Spring has FINALLY sprung in these parts and I know it is MOST CERTAINLY welcomed by me!!!
Joe is still working in my 'studio' so I'm kind of inbetween rooms right now. I've managed to 'work' things so if I NEEDED to make a card I could but really, I just haven't been 'into' it. I think I'm just anxious to get everything moved over and put away. Once things are a little more organized I'll post some pics. I'm ALWAYS interested in and looking for better organizational and storage ideas so if you have ANY tips or tricks---PLEASE post a comment and SHARE!!
Anyways, for today........ a few pics...
We got a few poppy plants from a friend a few years back and I ALWAYS LOVE it when they bloom. They're just SO amazingly HUGE and BEAUTIFUL to me!! I went out two mornings ago and found our FIRST poppy (in the front). I KNEW I was going to HAVE to take some pictures!!
I think it was the next morning when I went out and I found this one emerging!
This morning when we went out......Sure enough, there are THREE!! My camera batteries are dead and I haven't taken the time to recharge them so no pic.
And LOOK!! Our strawberries are flowering and now there are even green berries!!!
I just LOVE Spring!
These beautiful flowers are from my BF, Kat. She gave them to me for Mother's Day. Aren't they beautiful?! Thank You Kat!!!! I think of you each time I walk up to our front door---well, and then some!! :)

A couple of summers ago we drove (from North Central Washington) to Connecticut (where I'm from originally) to visit my mom and dad. We brought back a BUNCH of stuff. One of my 'finds' was the old chair that these flowers are sitting on. I just washed it up a bit and put my flowers on it. I like it. I just makes me feel happy.

Hmmm, and what's this you say???
Kind of a funny story behind this one...............
I was getting ready for a funeral yesterday. I wanted to wear a skirt that I have that I haven't worn yet but didn't have the 'right' kind of shoes to wear with it. I went down into Nikki's room and found a pair that I thought MIGHT just work. Thing is she's a size 6.5-7 and I'm a 7.5-8. Well, she had a pair of size 7 black shoes that were CUTE and I thought they'd 'work'. Here I am clomping around the house in my young (SKINNY) teenagers shoes. I look outside to what USED to be part of our back yard---yep! That's part of it in the picture right above. You see, we live on the Okanogan River and with the super warm weather we had last week that melted the snow in the mountains we now have a swamp in our backyard--if nothing else, an extension of the Okanogan. UGH! So much for Joe's garden. ALL the water was just about gone until yesterday when it rose again. ANYWAYS, I happened to be looking out that way when I saw a momma duck with like 8 little baby ducks. They were SO cute just swimmin' around in my back yard--lol. My intention was to get a pic of the momma duck and her babies. Well, when i got to clomping out on the deck in those shoes I PROBABLY shouldn't have been wearing anyways it scared momma duck and her babies right away. :( So this is what I got!
:( Oh well. Better luck next time--and note to self--NO MORE CLOMPING around in shoes when TRYING to get pics of a momma duck and her babies!
Well, I go back to work tonight-for the next 3 nights so I'm SURE there won't be ANY creating for me.
I do have a baptism on Sunday so I guess SOMETIME this weekend I SHOULD try to come up with something for that!!
Until next time.......
Happy Stamping and creating!!


Jill said...

I understand how you feel. I've been in a slump for awhile and not really even wanting to take the time to stamp. What's wrong with me??? Anyway, your pictures are beautiful. Poppies are some of my favorite flowers!

Aura said...

Oh I love those poppies. I want to get some going in our back yard in every color. I loved all your cards lately. You have been busy. I am going to have a craft day soon, my stamps are all getting lonely. Hope all is well.