Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Samuel 'lured' me outside......
He rang the doorbell and hid leaving me to find these:

He's such a sweet boy. Yes, those lilacs ARE in a cup that goes into that blender thing we have...yes, we USUALLY DO drink out of them. He's 8. Oh, and yes! Those ARE rocks at the bottom!
Since he 'lured' me I decided to go for a walk with him. He was SO cute...he wrapped his arm around me and just started walking--up the driveway.....but LOOK at ALL the FUN goodies we found along the way:
This is one of two lilac bushes we planted our first Spring here. This is it's first year blooming!! They're EVERY bit of 5 foot tall and I can't WAIT to see them in FULL bloom!! My Grandmother had ALL kinds of lilacs at her house--well, they're still there, but of course we don't live close by--She had pink, lilac and white. I used to cut them with her ALL the time while I'd wait for the bus and bring them to my teachers and such. I remember she'd wrap the cut pieces in wet down papertowels and then foil. :) Ahhh, memories! :)
These, I guess, are just some wild rose bushes. Joe hates them but they look SO pretty and they smell pretty too! This picture reminds me of a SU! stamp-can't think of the name of the set right now and I don't have a book handy.........
Of COURSE I took a few minutes away from clicking pics of all these blooms and all to take a few pics of my big 'little man'!!! :) He just brings my heart SO much JOY!
And LOOK at my hosta's poking through!! I just love them!! I don't remember if we planted them last year or the year before but we planted them inbetween a BUNCH of trees thinking eventually they will be NICE and FULL inbetween the trees making a nice border. I ESPECIALLY like it when they start flowering!!
And here is one of our raspberry bushes. Joe was SUPPOSED to transplant them last year but never got around to it. Oh Well! I guess we'll have to make a point to do it after they produce this year?!
That's as far as we got in our exploring today. We didn't venture 'down below' by the river. I just didn't feel like walking down there, maybe tomorrow?!
I didn't check out my hydrangeas either.....hmmm--
It's SO nice to see all these things coming up, all the beautiful green leaves and all. I just LOVE it. It almost seems like OVERNIGHT things have just totally greened up!
Spring is SO my ALL TIME favorite time of the year. I am so happy to have the next 5 days off to just ENJOY the beauty around me!

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